Manti Te’o’s girlfriend Lennay Kekua


  1. John

    Lennay is not only beautiful on the outside but reading about what she did and made Manti promise – she appears to be even more beautiful on the inside. She sure sounds like someone who is a “Keeper” and probably would have been for Manti had she still been with us.

  2. Reader

    This is a hoax. The “girlfriend’s” photos were stolen from another woman’s Facebook account. Research, mass media, research!

  3. Jesse

    What an d-bag Manti Te’o’s is, just read that he faked his girlfriends death, and there is nobody Lennay Kekua.

  4. WOW

    haha….someone is in for some serious explaining to do. he was in on it, he knew she wasnt real.

    shit is about to get real serious.

    can you say draft stock plummeting?



    Manti should give back all his awards, it’s the only reason he won all of them to begin with because we all know it wasn’t his play on the field.

  6. Tony

    Dude needs to get his head checked,what a douche…he threw his whole career away just to motivate himself & his teammates for be surprised if even gets drafted

  7. Danny carnashefsky

    This is a tragic story that this women 9manti’s girlfriend is just a hoax, my thoughts are with Teo as he was wrongly hurt and humiliated by the tragic new today

  8. Benthesamoan

    All you ignorant idiots shouldn’t bad mouth Manti. Who is clearly a victim of fraud and a sick joke played out by roniaiah Tuiasosopo. My cousin who was just searching for some kind of normalcy in college, is from a small town in Hawaii were they can be sheltered from the mainlan lifestyle. No excuses here because none are needed. He was vulnerable for being all of the spotlight notre dame has seen in 30 years and Tuiasosopo clearly took advantage of it. He made a dumb mistake. Hell man up to it like he always has. Quit acting like you all walk on water. Don’t judge.

  9. Wow

    If he was just the victim of a hoax, then how did he meet her after a game in 2009 and vacation with her in Hawaii? He was in on it. This is insane.

  10. Benthesamoan

    Media. The same media that manipulates your eager for drama driven minds. From jump people are taught to never believe what they hear or read. You don’t know him personally yet you are so quick to judge him. My cousin would lay his life down for any of his teammates or even a stranger. His reputation at notre dame would prove that. This man they make him out to be on the news and espn are just journalist trying to make their next big break. You think he needed this story of a fake girlfriend to make his name? He was already established well before that. This guy Tuiasosopo didn’t just have Manti as a victim. 2 more football players at Arizona fell for it too. This guy is a joke. For you to ear one side and instantly decredit his parents who spoke with this girl years ago is insane. Complete bullshit. Kill that noise.

  11. Antidamer Conspirator

    So, if was on to something on December 6, why did it take this long to break the story – did you guys never ask the question or use teh google to find (or confirm the absence) of an obituary?

  12. kelsey

    I couldn’t give two spits about this story!! I just want the real name of the hottie in the pictures if anyone knows. Mahalo!

  13. Patrick

    Your relationship with Manti drives your passion to defend him and that is admirable. I would do the same for someone that I love and care about. But even you would have to agree that there are a lot of inconsistencies here. A lot of claims have been made from various members of the T’eo family (NOT the media)they met at an actual game, she visited Hawaii on several occasions, and that she was the most beautiful girl he had ever met. Not once has any member of the family ever recanted their story, refuted its authenticity, or spoke up on any of the wonderful stories written. Manti’s explanation of an internet hoax does not address any of these inconsistencies. i could write volumes on other things that make no sense but it’s all available on the web so I won’t rehash it. I will leave you with this: even though you know him and feel that he is a 100% victim here, there have been many people in the past deceived by spouses, friends, and partners who thought they knew a person inside and out. i am from Oahu myself and grew up in Manoa and for that reason alone i hope Manti is guiltless, but truly no one but Manti and God above really know the truth.

  14. thinds

    Oh easy – because we’re not very good at this! We had no reason to believe anything suspicious with the existence of Lenny, just thought the emails from uilani were eyebrow raising…

  15. Patrick

    Here’s hoping Manti had nothing to do with it but the preponderance of evidence suggests, at the very least, exaggeration and poor judgment. He would not be the first young celebrity to be caught up in the fame, attention, and yes, potential financial security that his celebrity status provides. No famous successful athlete past, present, or future is immune from the effects of this landslide of attention and idol worship, Some do a better job than others to minimize the effects, but they are the minority. Most just bask in it and can’t get enough of it. Media does play a big part in this, as benthesamoan says, and they hear, record, and publish every word. Pretty easy to get caught up in the limelight, right?

  16. Margo

    I have a friend who got duped the same way by a woman he was introduced to by a friend on the Internet. These people are out to play on your emotions with the promise of being with them.
    My friend, Tony, told me the girl was coming to visit Hawaii. Her pictures were beautiful and he was hooked! Unfortunately, she got into a car accident on her way to the airport. Sound familiar?
    Many requests were made for money. I told my friend it was a scam, and it was. Poor Manti probably fell for the same scam. he was probably too embarrassed to tell anyone he had never met the illusive Girlfriend. I’m sure he got in much deeper than he ever intended.

  17. Ryan Dailey

    Boy… The timing of those emails seems curious, doesn’t it? December 6th? The day Manti has said that “Lenny” called him and told him she wasn’t dead. How about that! Deadspin said that they didn’t get tipped off until 2-3 weeks ago. Around the same time Teo told Kelly and other ND officials. Any of you morons left who haven’t figured this out yet? Try Smiths article about the confession that Tuiasosopo’s have to a friend from his fathers church? That’s at

  18. Jesse

    Manti’s just as real as Joseph Smith!!!

    Not cool dude when you have a mouth full of water….. Yup it ended up all over the place because of AWESOME that comment is and will always be.

  19. Patrick

    The human heart is a fickle thing, isn’t it? It is conditioned to crave love, but is is often blindly optimistic; capable of performing illogical brain-bypassing feats of numbing stupidity. Most of us have experienced this, especially in our younger years, my peak was in my early 20’s, which is an especially vulnerable time because of the awkward transition from child to adult. Since I am now 50, I didn’t have the benefit or the meeting/dating/communicating via Skype/twitter/facebook/e-mail etc. but the good news is that I couldn’t be fooled or duped in as many ways either. I had my fantasy relationships but they were manifest in my mind, rather than made to be more “real” with a fake picture, or e-mailed love letter. There are so many more ways today to create a virtual person that is practically irresistible.

    So what about Manti? In my opinion, he needs to stop back peddling and admit some culpability other than just being the innocent victim, saying he did not play the part in the hoax. By definition, he did. No hoax is exists without a victim. He admits exaggeratiions were made about how he “met” Lennay. He still used her memory and referred to her inspiration two times after he supposedly figured it out. He could have left any Lennay comments out and simply honored his grandmother’s true memory but he chose not to. And again, like I mentioned before, the entire T’eo family seemed to love the adulation and continued to perpetuate the fairy tale. And the most amazing thing? His family, his team, his school, and the media were caught up in T’eo love – no one put the obvious facts together to determine that this girl never existed.

    Maybe this a call to action for all of us looking for love to start meeting real people in the flesh and use the Internet for a truly beneficial purpose: background checks and identity vertication.

  20. Darlene

    I think it’s time to talk to Tuiasosopo! Stop analyzing everything Manti says to fit whatever you believe. He made his statement. Tuiasosopo needs to make a statement and stop hiding. He’s the coward. This “catfish” thing happens more often than one would think. Just watch the show on MTV. Manti may have been naive but Tuiasosopo is the bigger problem. He preys on others behind created identities. Why does he feel the need to do that? Hope his family gets him the help he needs.

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