Danny Woodhead’s wife Stacia Woodhead


  1. Pete

    I sat next to her on a plane out to Pittsburgh. She is a really nice person who is down to earth. You could tell she isn’t a gold digger, because they met in high school and Danny went to a Division II school

  2. Kent Brewster

    We were driving back to Wood River after a vacation to the Rockies and as looking for something on the radio in the boonies of I-80 and came across a station with the high school football game between North Platte and Scottsbluff. Danny was a senior I think and he ran wild for way over 200 yards. We figured NU would try to recruit him but didn’t which was a good deal for Chadron State. He was small but mighty and still is. Just hope N.E. realizes how valuable he is to the team and keeps him around for a few more years. Teammates and fans love him.

  3. Darryl

    I think it’s awesome that Danny married his high school sweetheart.y impression
    Of them is that they’re both very down to earth people

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