Jack Del Rio’s wife Linda Del Rio


  1. Alan Osborn

    Linda, I went to school with Jack and as kids growing up on the same street, we literally and figuratively looked up to jack. I tell my wife and kids that determination leads to success and jack is a great example of that. Take care – great family!

  2. rich hall

    Hello, I know you don’t know me….but I was told a story by family members about Jack Jr. I am just curious if its true. No more than that. If my last name rings a bell to you, then it might be a true story. Shannon Hall was my cousin. The story I was told was she was in some way related….Jack Sr? My “Hall cousins” were all from Hayward. My dad went to Middle school there. If you could, just a simple yes or no is OK. I’m a HUGE Raider fan. Either way I am happy to have Jack Jr as the Raiders coach. Just to help make you believe what I say. Shannon’s dad name, lester, brothers mike Jeff and Shannon was VERY tall for a woman. Welcome to the Raiders. Hope to hear to answer my curiosity. Thank you and god bless. Richie Hall

  3. Linda Gaul

    Always have liked Jack Del Rio as a coach rooting for Raiders, except if they play The Pack!! My name is Linda also, great choice!!!

  4. Tom

    You and your family might do good but, Mr. Lynch actions against or flag and anthem or a disgrace. He should be banned from the game, they can protest all they want just not during the flag and anthem, I have two flags in my middle bedroom, Marine and Army both gave their lives for the flag and anthem, to them serving in the USA military was an honor, and idiots showing disrespect, is a shame, many died so they could be total jerks. If they want so much done why don’t they hit the streets form groups, help the babies with no dads, help the mother who have six kids with six different fathers, help get the gangs, and dope off the streets instead disrespect the men and women who died for them. Truly they or not men of GOD because GOD died for them also.

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