Al Davis’ wife Carol Davis


  1. Jwoods

    Dose anyone happen to see how well Mr Davis has shielded his family form the pulic’s eye. You know nothing about Carol or Mark Davis,
    Let’s start with Carol Segal Davis the name SEGAL show bring up a place to start and the begining of the Davis fortue starts there. She came from money and thats how he bought into the raiders to begin with. Mark again knowone knows anything about the son and that’s because Al made Damn sure know found out about MaRKS PROBLEMS and there were in the past trouble with the son of the Raiders you just never heard about because that’s the way Al wanted it. you have to follow the woman and they’ll tell the tail about Mark. that’s all I would say for now the rest well maybe I’ll save for my book \

  2. Russell

    He died in 2011… where’s your book? Let’s dissect it and take a look at your references Jwoods. Let’s also take a look into your own past and see what we find there too while we’re at it. Let’s see what you have to say after that.

  3. Brian

    Russell did you really think someone like jwoods, who can’t use proper punctuation and can’t spell was really going to write a book? LOL

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