Tyrann Mathieu’s girlfriend Sydni Paige Russell


  1. Yarnell

    You look amazing my friend!!!!! Keep up the good look, eail me back I am in progress of putting together a reality show of how it really goes Southern Style and would love your input

  2. TRH

    Yeah she do sound dumb she clearly don’t know what he’s capable of/doing but they don’t together no more. look on his Twitter and she talking about she with this boy 24/7, w/ him before class, in between classes , b4 practice, after practice, at night… Tf? stalking ain’t cha!?

  3. Coach2u

    Tyrann and Syndicated, do y’all thing and continue to let the dumb ass haters hate. No matter what you try to do, the haters will come out and try to attack you. I bet some of these jump offs (females) were trying their dar nest to get on Team Tyrann and didn’t get an invitation to tryout!!LMAO!!! Lil brotherstay focus and let your abilities speak for you on/off the field. Love ya and will be cheering for you guys!!!

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