Travis Kelce’s Girlfriend Maya Benberry


  1. Sandra

    I saw the show on demand. Thought the show was great. He did pick the best girl. I didn’t watch the Chiefs before know but I am. Go kelce. Love both of their confidence. And they match up real nice.

  2. Laurice

    Oh please, we all know why she received backlash….He chose her, get over it…and who ever wrote this article clearly is a little upset about it also….

  3. None

    Go Maya Benberry you deserve it .. small town girl living up a girls dream .glad she won and there perfact for each other!!

  4. Sandra

    The article is just another reason to cheer them on go Maya it’s your time. Hold on to your man he is -cute,funny and remember people he picked her or should I say they picked each other. And what the heck what’s wrong with growing a brand. IF YOU DID NOTHING PEOPLE WOULD DOWN YOU FOR THAT. Let the hater eat mud.

  5. Hettie

    Laurice, you took the words right out of my mouth. She is clearly getting hate because she is black and the writer of this post is really biased.

  6. Belinda

    Belinda. Great choice Travis . Maya completes you. Give thanks to the man above because you are truly blessed. Praying for you guys.

  7. Claudia

    Loved Catching Kelce! Travis was awesome on the show free spirited, down to earth, handsome, with an infectious smile. He made the best choice by choosing Maya! I’m so happy he picked her she’s beautiful, sexy, sassy & classy with a radiant smile. Clearly he wanted someone exciting, someone with flavor who could keep there relationship spicy. They make a beautiful couple & I hope they let nothing come between them. I hope they keep a thick skin when it comes to the jealous-haters & fight for there love-relationship. Can’t wait to see them together, walk down the aisle & the beautiful babies they will make…

  8. Acire

    I am so sick of this, why do people talk to bad bout Maya, because she says directly what she wants?because she is not fake and talk what she thinks?
    C’mon , i could see from the beginning that travis liked her from all the girls ,it was a question of time…
    i love them, they look good together and cute…it’s sad how people can open their mouths to judge ,offend and hurt others.
    Travis chose her,that was his decision so deal with it, its easy to talk bad bout other,but u should check ur actions and u will see that u as bad as u think others are…
    love u TravisandMaya

  9. Sandy

    Absolutely loved the show!!! Travis was awesome, funny, and that (smile) so handsome, sexy and looking hotter than a GQ model in them suits.. He was perfect for the show and he picked the perfect girl. The beautiful-Miss Maya!!!
    There attraction for each other was undeniably. Maya truly shined at Travis’s Charity Event, she kept the biggest smile on her face it was so radiant you could clearly see the happiness & love she felt for him. Your nobody unless you have hatters! So Let the hatters hate!!!
    Yes, there’s always going to be haters & Jealously it goes with the territory. That’s what happens when two people are beautiful, in love & happy. I hope they continue to hold each other down and let nothing come between them…

    Travis & Maya make a lovely couple💞💖💗
    Can’t wait to see them together & walking down the aisle!

  10. Sandra

    Looking good in today’s game! Hope you were at the game today Maya! Give him room for his fans, but be there for him. Believe me there will be tons of women throwing themselves at him. Trust him.

  11. mazira prisca

    Travis made the best choice. Maya z drop dead gorgeous, stunning,classy, sexy,beautiful and smiles lyk an angel so haters back off she has the man and BTW ey are a heavenly made match so Travis could not hv picked anyone better than Maya

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