Peyton Hillis’ wife Amanda Brown


  1. Candice

    If I had known this was such a mystery I would have taken a picture of her at the airport last night! She was on a late night flight with me from Dallas to Cleveland. Peyton was waiting for her at baggage claim.

  2. Confirmation

    I can confirm with about 99% certainty that the top two pics are of his wife. She and I went to Rogers high school together and continued on to college where she and I dated off and on for about 3 or 4 years. We were at the U of A at the same time Hillis was and I have had numerous friends who still live in Northwest Arkansas confirm that it is her.

  3. Viv grouyy

    He’s a big user and that poor girl will find out. Plus he’s got babies on the side and doesn’t take care of them. That marriage is a scam to clean up his bad rep. His brother, the hustler is his agent???? Go Phillis. Ha on you ????

  4. ????

    She is an old friend of mine I have been trying to get a hold of for years. Top two photos are definitely her. Anyone know how to reach her?

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