Doug Marrone’s Wife Helen Marrone

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  1. vinnie oconnor

    i have known Dougie since s.u. i use to cook for the football team! i still keep in touch with a lot of the players and when he started coaching at tech,i was living in Atlanta , George told me to call him for tickets and Doug made sure i got them!Also when I had my cancer he called me ( when he was head coach at s.u.)I miss sometimes , but i was so proud to know,just like George use to say I ‘m worse than the kids! ,and he did not know how much he made my day, due to the fact the pain was killing me that day and when i hung up he made me feel like i was back at s. u. important,the pain eased!I still have my house on Skanealtles lake ,I only come in the summer, someday I would like to come to buffalo and see him.I work on a contract basis at King and Spalding Law firm and Doug told me you were a lawyer and Judge Griffin Bell was my Boos I was his whatever needed guy! I have a copy auto graphed and will send on to you, it was is last book!I gave about 200 of them to lawyers ,that I know! i have 4 left thank you for time!

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