Trent Richardson’s girlfriend Sevina Fatu


  1. KARMA

    Heard many stories bout tha FATUS..her money hungry mama. Sister is a hoe……mstly all her fam lives dat brokeass way to under 1 roof to many kids but not enough jobs!!!!!!!! I know shit cuz i use to smoke wit her sis lolo KARMAS A BITCH


    I believe he feels “trapped” with Sevina, because she has his kids. At least he’s trying to do the right thing by his kids. But I feel he should JUKE her big a$$ and be a single man for a while. Dude been tied down since he was in his teens. You can be a good father without being with the mother. And to be honest the only thing he owes her is child support and help raising his babies. RUN TRENT RUN!!!!!

  3. Hartbrkkid

    A momma don’t worry wht dem ratchet ass hoes and nigga talkn bout, they jus mad they ain’t n yo position. Realtlk whn u young in a relationship u do dum shit cause u don’t kno wht best for u and I kno cause I been on and off wit my bm since we were 16 and I’m now 25. I currently have 2 kids with her and we stronger then ever, and now that I’m older I realize that my family is more important then any dum female that can’t do shit for me. I’m happy for y’all and wish y’all the best off luck. T Rich I’m from Cleveland and jus keep doin u every Sunday, u ah beast and u headed in the rght direction bruh. Jus stay focus and know family comes first. I got 2 Lil girl lk u and they need good dads lk us in there life’s. Much respect #GoBrowns

  4. @Hartbrkkid

    You don’t have ish to offer another female. Trent do!!! If he forgot about her @ Bama with those kuntry groupies…then the groupies in Cleveland going to blow his mind. Don’t think for a second he’s not working on an upgrade!!! MY POINT =====> I been on and off wit my bm since we were 16 and I’m now 25. I currently have 2 kids with her.<========Why you no wife her yet? #realtalk

  5. Anonymous

    Hmm….I met dude. He’s not cute to me. He’s average with a nice body. Now Cam Newton, that’s were its at.

  6. @Hartbrkkid

    @Hartbrkkid I agree. Dude say they been off and on since he 16 and now he’s 25(with 2 kids). AND HE STILL HAVEN’T MARRIED HER?

  7. Roll Tide

    I know Trent. Nice guy, heard about his baby momma. And his kids are adorable. He was linked to a few girls on campus and that’s all I will say.

  8. Anonymous

    I’m from PCOLA and I seen Trent’s new girlfriend riding around town in his red challenger. And it had red rims on it. The girl is very pretty she look mixed or Hispanic. Whatever she is she looks prettier than anyone else he had been with in the past.

  9. Thumper

    LMAO!! I can’t believe that Trent’s bringing this much heat on PW. But how do you know it’s his girlfriend driving the red charger? LMAO!!I heard from the BBYMMA fam they spent Xmas with them in Ohio and they balled the whole time. I did see a pic of e baby she just had.I hope he took a DNA test. If anyone sees Salote before I do. Tell that ratchet trick to die her hair back black, wash her butt and go to rehab!! LMSAO!!!

  10. teflontrujillo

    hatersssssssssssss………..trent is a very humbled young man he dont give a shit about muney or hoes he never did vina was with that man waaaay bfo any of this bullshit do u fukers know that….of course hes famous and groupies are everywhere but vina got the key and the crown…this comin from a real bff not no fukin dik ryder like alota yu guys!!!…fuk wit any one of them and we will show yu wat pensacola bout and it was like this waaay before alabama or the browns…..congratulate that man and his family and suk a dik if u kant shut tha fuk up..

  11. Holly

    Wow. This is really quite interesting. All I will say is Sevina, Salote, Tui, Ty, Mom & Dad…I love y’all. You have a wonderful beautiful family. Thank God Sina & Mika developed a strong family so this HATE rolls off. Truly Sevina knows she doesn’t have to verify her status to anyone. Salote – I KNOW you have your sister’s back on everything. I just happened across this site and these posts. I’ve known all of these folks and Trent since he was in the sixth grade and the Fatu sisters since early high school days. You don’t know what the struggles were for Sevina, so why you would ‘claim’ to know anything is beyond me. It takes way too much effort to be so negative and to be so mean spirited. Try not to worry so much about what she’s doing – or him for that matter. Trent’s a great guy, will continue to be because he has the RIGHT people in his corner. Stop trying to push yourself in his life – bet if I asked him who you were…he’d say, Who????? Simply wish them well and press on. Life’s too short for all this nonsense.

  12. Dnt u wish u knew

    Trent does have a gf in pcola and she is a beauty she a mix between jlo and beyonce the young lady gorgeous! Trent and her been together since May 2012 there future wedding plans are in 2014. They just got back from Puerto Rico in June 2013. I can say there in love. Trent adores her and spoils her she aint in need of anything he wines and dines her he gives her the world. Dnt u wish u knew.

  13. Anonymous

    Yeah i saw his gf she is very pretty she could pass for a celebrity her self. Not only she has beauty she has brains she is well educated. She was with him at the CITY OF CHAMPIONS they had in Penscola Florida.
    They definitely seem happy and they seem to be in LOVE. He is always showing PDA. He is a smart guy if he keeps her because all kind of famous ppl would love to be in his shoes. Trent knows what he has he aint no dummy. Sevina is the past and his new beauty is his future. im just saying what i have seen and been hearing.

  14. Martha White

    I’m glad this fude flopped, now you hoes will let that cow have her babies daddy to herself. I’m sure she’s well aware of his dirty dog ways, but she chose to stay there for whatever reason….All this beef over nothing.

  15. drewsmama

    Wow. This is interesting.. His girlfriend is from Pensacola. She’s beautiful. She owns a salon there and they have been on and off since highschool. She is a thick girl. Not sure if she’s white or not. Name is Christina and She’s been there from the beginning too. I know his God mother who is close to her. …I seen her in that red charger with him before too.

  16. Anonymous

    This is funny. Christina? I know exactly who you are talking about(graduated in the same class wit her). That girl is DEFINATLY NOT his girlfriend. She just your average jump off. She was fuckin wit Roy (the boxer) for the longest til his career went downhill. Now she tryna get what she can from Trent. His God mom on the other hand think she his age and try to hang with Christina. Nothing but groupies TRYNA get the next dolla.

  17. Anonymous

    Ha that’s funny. Christina is just your average jump off. she was fuckin wit Roy (the boxer) for the longest until his career went down hill and he was married and she knew it. Now she tryna get what she can from Trent. His godmom run with her and they up to the same tricks. She think she Christina age.

  18. John

    Guess what…Trents Career is over! Suspended for playoffs, 110% chance he is cut within the next month. Gravy train is dry.

  19. John

    He wasn’t even a something in the NFL all hyped up and turned into a never was. Probably because of all these greedy colored women chasing a nickle.

  20. drewsmama

    From what I know, Christina is not a jump off at all. She was with Roy Jones for years and that was no secret. But she was so much younger than him that his career was basically over by the time they got together anyways, so she didn’t leave him when his career went downhill. His God mother has done more for him than any one could imagine. You just sound like a groupie who is mad about anyone else in his life but yourself. And from what I know, his godmother nor christina has ever asked for a dime from Trent. So check your facts.

  21. christina

    This is the first and last thing that I will say on here. One, I’m the farthest thing from a jump off. Lol! Please go around and try to find even a HANDFUL of people that I have been with! I never left Roy when his career was “over” he and I are still friends and Trent and I have been good friends since he was 15 years old. Im not currently dating him and I don’t need nor want his money. I have my own. I have never depended on a man to support me, ever. And his God mother has never asked Trent for a dime!! He is like a son to her and just wants the best for him. You people need to get a life. Instead of gossiping about non sense why don’t y’all worry about praying for Trent’s career and his well being since you are so concerned with every other aspect of his life. SMh..children.

  22. b.sims

    Christina, weren’t you pregnant with Trent’s baby though?? And always in Indiana? I guess y’all real real good friends lol

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