Hank Baskett’s Fiancee Kendra Wilkinson


  1. glenn @ kristen Regmund

    Kendra ,

    No matter what people say , i watched your shw i am a grandmother of a disabled child , when i see your beautiful baby i cry for mine , she 3 yrs old and has had 2 open heart surgeries and a stroke , she does sign language , and my son goes crazy over you , we live in texas …. Hank is a good man , i have been married for 20 years , you know a good person when you see one ….. I also think your weight on the show , i dont knw if its real or reality sometimes….. I wish i looked like you , be proud of who you are dont let the tabloids get u down….. that is just stories to sell and make that $$$$$ …. greed is a bad thing …… if you get blessed its called PAY IT FORWARD !! and bless someone on the streets, in the grocery store , PUT GOD 1st in your life and everything will work out …. If your a mom trust me your baby boy wants to see you natural mom not sexy mom , they will embarris him at school !!! When he gets older … Count your blessing , im not perfect , i have made mistake in life , but if you dont have your family and the people who love you LIFE really sucks ….. Your beautiful , hank is a great father , we have a st barnard 11 yrs old that is a therapy dog for sick kids , be proud you have alot to be blessed about ……. you can write me anytime the doctors and therapy is full of shit …… i can help you and no charge and i will not be put on TV to show my BIG A^^ !!!!! Lots of love and blessings we are praying for you in Weatherford, texas , PRAY IN THE MIRROW EVERYDAY FOR GOD TO GIVE YOU STRENGH AND GUIDENESS!!! IT WORKS , IT WORKS FOR ME ….. get the little one in chuch thats your protection , not the poporazzie dont kne=w how too spell them , there evil …..

    Kristen REgmund

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