Andrew Luck’s girlfriend Nicole Pechanec


  1. George C.

    Surely a typo that Nicole Pechanec is at “USC”. She of course attended, and graduated by now from Stanford. And all indications are she and Andrew Luck are still together.

  2. Linda

    She moved to Indy with him they live in his condo and she secured a job at an Indy archeretial firm She is a member of the colts wives and girlfriends group as published in the Indianapolis star newspaper.

  3. Jon

    WOW! By far his best accomplishment. She is drop-dead gorgeous and seeing her in Pic #3 and how flexible she is I can only imagine what a great time she would be for sex. Way to go Andrew! You are one LUCKy guy

  4. George

    Luck didn’t win the Heisman even though he was a finalist twice. You might recall a certain quarterback from Baylor won it, during Luck’s last year at Stanford.

  5. sara

    Luck is definitely still with Nicole. Her linked in says she works at a gym in Indianapolis.Prob going to get married soon.

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