03/19/15 (Updated)

JJ Watt's girlfriend Sydney Leroux

JJ Watt has taken the NFL by storm in 2012, and with that success comes an increased level of inquiry into his personal life. People have been flocking to the web to find out, "Who is JJ Watt's girlfriend?"

Until now, we've been unable to find much of anything. The former Wisconsin standout has done yeoman's work keeping his girlfriend out of the public eye. However, TerezOwens.com is now reporting that JJ Watt's girlfriend is Sydney Leroux. Leroux is a forward for the US Women's National soccer team, and also scored a goal during the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The site reports that Leroux was in Houston for their Wild Card matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals. Leroux reportedly attending the game with a teammate, and with Watt's brother.

According to their sources, Sydney Leroux's boyfriend has been JJ Watt for a few months, though the couple has done an excellent job staying out of the spotlight till now (keeping up with Watt's personal life till now). We scoured the web for another source supporting these two being together, so for now, this remains a rumor at best. If the Texans are able to continue their run in the playoffs, it's always possible that the camera could drift into the stands and find Leroux. If an announce gives her the Musberger treatment, we'll have our answer for sure then.

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22 Responses to “JJ Watt's girlfriend Sydney Leroux”

  1. trish seder

    Hello ive been waiting for the opportunity to meet you.Am a big fan of yours! Any single friends!

  2. nimpho

    I was hoping he would go and date candice swanopowel (victoria's secret supermodel)I was pretty disappointed with this news...

  3. Craig Jones

    Are you sure that is his girlfriend? I thought he was seeing a teacher in Houston named Jessica VanS something and she looks like this Sydney chic

  4. Karen

    Yes this is heartbreaking. He could do better

  5. Jj baby mama

    Sydney is black
    This girl does not look black

  6. Ew

    Jersey chaser. Since college. She is ugly. And disgusting. JJ can't be that stupid

  7. footballfan28

    JJ needs an upgrade.. this girl is not pretty.. just average.

  8. 2dimples

    Are yall mad because she'sblack...

  9. ndiownqf


  10. candy

    Dnt hate bc he loves milk chocolate and not white. We dnt get mad when black mens marry or go with white females.

  11. Tracey

    He can do so much better, this girl is pretty and all, but he is a classy guy and deserves a classy girl.

  12. Deidrefl

    No longer together. She moved onto another athlete. She was with Dane Fletcher of the Patriots a month back but now who knows. I guess EW is right she's a jersey chaser. LoL

  13. Dooney

    She is biracial, but my advice to JJ Watt is watch your bank account? It seems to me that she has been going around a lot, she does not know what she wants. She flipped the fans in Canada off and pretends like she is against racism, but behind the hidden scenes she is faking and looking for exposure.

  14. awe

    u are not all that jj watt could do better

  15. Mel

    Wow you guys are harsh. You are calling her ugly and judging from an article. Have any of you met her? Probably not and didnt anyone ever tell you that everything on the internet is not true. Besides, JJ Watt is an amazing guy on and off the field so I am sure he wouldn't pick to date just anyone. There would have to be something in a girl that matches up with him.

  16. BEA

    Some people are so petty. I think JJ is perfectly capable of choosing someone to be with. What matters is that he is happy. If she is someone like y'all say "a gold digger" then the truth will come out.

  17. Anonymous

    They have been over for a long time. Recently spent his time with a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader he met through a mutual friend.

  18. A.

    They have been over for a long time. Recently spent his time with a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader he met through a mutual friend.

  19. ashley

    I want him so handsome and hot!!!!!

  20. KAREN

    JJ Watt didn't take his time wen he chose his wife he's still young and don't know what he really wants.He pick the first woman that caught his eye.But I must say u love what u love.GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

  21. Beach Bum

    Wow JJ, Sydney Leroux? One word: 'DY-NO-MITE!' This chick is hot - WAY HOTTER than the haters posting on this site. Nothing worng with a Caramel Macchiata!

  22. Christina

    Syndey is gorgeous. Only people voting her down and criticizing her looks are ugly, jealous chicks. Plus, some of y'all mad he's in love with the cocoa.