Deandre Hopkins girlfriend Jennifer Lemmons


  1. Christine

    What a lucky young man to have such a beautiful supportive woman in his corner to maturely handle something like this. I know many young ladies who wouldn’t have shown as much clas or support!Congratulations DeAndre, she’s a keeper!!

  2. Rob

    To have a girl that will stand by your side and take a media bullet like that is very impressive. Twitter Savior she is indeed! Most people who are new to fame don’t know how to handle situations as well as your girl did. You have a solid 10 that you need to hold onto. They do not come around very often especially for people of your status Mr. Hopkins. I live in texas and have seen you two together a few times. You and her are more than capable of having a role model relationship for people to look up to. Who knows, maybe the next face for the NFL media promotions. Kudos to you and her! Wish the best for the rest of the texans season and your endeavors sir.

  3. Beach Bum

    (Sigh). I swear, the incidence of inter-racial relationships seems so much higher among athletes – BLACK athletes – than maong the general population. Why is that? Is it that money affords Black men more access to ‘other’ (non-Black) women? People have asserted that notion but the existence of inter-racial romance among non-athletes indicates that Black men don’t need to be superstar athletes to date ‘other’ women.

    Thus, the question becomes: Are ‘other’ women – especially WHITE women – drawn to Black athletes based on their (assumed) wealth and prestige? I don’t know – I’m just wondering. I’m just amazed at the incidence of it on this site.

    Of course, since the site’s owner seems to bend over backwards to praise the beauty of white women – a courtesy that isn’t readily conferred upon Black women – perhaps the incidence rate on this site reflects the site owner’s personal issues regarding women of color.

  4. anonymous

    This is not his girlfriend, he has a daughter and I saw him the other night at Cheesecake Factory with his mom, sister & baby mama.

  5. Anonymous

    Yes I heard this beauty dumped his ass once she realized he was so far beneath her! Good for you Ms. Lemmons! You know your worth and all the money in the world can’t buy class and he has none. You my dear are a classy beautiful woman who nuk will always regret losing

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