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Case Keenum's wife Kimberly Keenum

Case Keenum's wife Kimberly Keenum went to high school with him, where the two began dating their senior year. The couple was engaged just a week after the NCAA approved Case's petition to come back and play his senior season at the University of Houston which happened to be his sixth year there.
Ironically enough, it appears that all 2011 Heisman candidates have a similar move when they want to propose their girlfriend. In a proposal with similar component's to Robert Griffin III's proposal, Case took his girlfriend to the practice field where she was met with a path of lit candles and rose pedals set up by family members, before Case dropped to one knee and proposed.
The couple was married on June 11, 2011 in Abilene, Texas. Case proudly declares that he and Kimberly were both virgins when until their marriage.

Case admits that he knew Kimberly was the one for him while recovering from his torn ACL, Case told Fox Sports,:
"I realized there's nobody out there that's better for me. She took care of me when I absolutely needed it the most and was at my lowest."
And now for a bonus quote!!!
In an interview with ESPN's, Ivan Maisel, Case reiterated his stance:
"It's one of the big reasons we're married today. I realized how much she loved me. She showed it. I don't think I could have gotten that from anybody else. Here's a picture of her right here [Case shows Maisel his playbook with her pictures on the cover]. She got her bridal portraits done at the stadium. That's pretty funny, isn't it?"

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2 Responses to “Case Keenum's wife Kimberly Keenum”

  1. GCN

    Virgins when they got married? Why is that relevant? Case has an incredible opportunity in Kansas City! Go Case!!

  2. William Johnson

    Why was it relevant that Both Case and his wife was Virgins at Marriage, because it shows the type of Good Character he and she has, how many of US MYSLEF included can say that. I've ALWAYS been a fan of what this young man can do as a QB, he will only get BETTER as he plays more, and he's already awesome..... Now if we can correct our Kicker Problem we might start WINNING GAMES AGAIN