Andre Johnson’s girlfriend (ex) Dionne Reese


  1. lisa

    listen , yes he should be accountable for support, but you are obviously scorned, maybe you thought you would become a “nfl” wife, and it didn’t happen, but is it really worth the drama you are doing by sueing him, so what if you don’t have access to the “good life” anymore, you started out as a “conquest” then wind up getting pregnant…”ching ching”..and i feel you are trying to get a “free meal ticket”, due to the fact, before you were “baby mama” NOT “WIFEY”…how were you making ends meet?, time “KEEP THE DAY JOB” AND DON’T over “spend” you mind thinking, you were the one to seal the deal…sorry…..



  3. Myceau

    Let go let god hes love Is unfailing he restores.the beginning and the ending says she is the apple of hes eyes seek god find life …………………..

  4. Anne

    I’m inclined to agree with Lisa on this one. If you mad because ya’ll broke up, all I can say is it takes two people to make a relationship work. Before you decide to make him look bad, take a look in the mirror and point out your own faults. Being that he came from a single parent home, where his mom had to work really hard just to make ends meet, and all that he does for kids from homes like his, I HONESTLY can’t see this man NOT taking care of his child. My guess is he’s BUYING the things that his daughter needs, rather than putting the money in his BABY MAMA’s hands, so she can go spend it on whatever SHE wants for HERSELF!
    Jessica, I highly doubt that Lisa is Jealous, she just knows a gold digger when she sees one! ONLY a Gold Digger would call Lisa jealous! #IMO Leave Andre alone and let him be Dionne! Be grateful for the help that you do get from him. Right NOW she’s asking for $1500 a month, next year it’ll be $2k! GET A JOB, and be a MOTHER to your child, she is NOT a paycheck for you!

  5. Anonymous

    I think initially I thought the “baby mama” was trying to be a “baller’s wive” story but then I saw where she was only asking for $1500 a month in support when she can get and is entitled to soooooooo much more. I have a more respectful opinion of her now. HOpefully they can work this out and parent this adorable little spitfire together. She deserves no less.

  6. Anonymous

    Also, why is it that women are okay with other women seeking child support except when the woman has a child by a “baller”? THEY ARE STILL THE DADDY AND THEY SHOULD TAKE CARE OF THE CHILD IN A MANNER THAT THE CHILD WOULD BE EXPOSED TO IF THE CHILD WERE LIVING UNDER THE DADDY’S ROOF!

  7. destiny

    The reason she only asked for $1500 a month in child support is because that’s the maximum that you can get in child support in the State of Texas no matter how you make.

  8. Txsboyzz

    I understand that child support is a man made law, I also am in favor of a man taking care of his responsibilities,but at the same time, I swear IF I was a celebrity I would be get “fixed”(male surgery)because it seems as if females would freely open her legs ONLY in search of gettin a FREE MEAL TICKET!!!!

  9. Newelette

    Listen up sweetie. Your prayers have been answered. It’s time to start thanking GOD for giving you a brain. Get the DNA test give the results to your lawyer then proceed to protect you and your child. I don’t care about your motives they don’t matter. This wide receiver fathered a child, it is not time to fumble. These generation curses are a real downer. I really don’t know what postion he plays for the Texans, but I do know the position of a single mother and so does Andre.

  10. Heartbreak

    It pains me to think that a once loving relationship comes down to dollar signs and court days over and over again. Wonder what would happen if Andre didn’t have all those millions of dollars, would there still be all this drama – especially with hiring these “unnecessary” high priced Lawyers; whom I might add are the ones whose pockets get bigger by the hour! Why all the drama?! Andre, I wish you the best and the child too!

  11. Bee

    She surely will not win. Hell if she researched he has a foundation supporting single mothers and getting them new homes..Sick of these black females who don’t have they OWN but mooch off others fam and fortune. But on the real tip these ballers need to go after women who business owners, doctors, hell maybe even a nurse.

  12. DC

    Ms Newelettem you need to get a life! I don’t know what the max is in Texas but I do know she can’t get a divorce unless you have lived together for ten years or you have vocally proclaimed that you are husband and wife. I tend to hope that there was some love in this relationship and not just physical. All these guys like to pluck the roses without considering the thorns not that this little girl is a thorn; but you have to consider that a life has been created. Any child growing up without both parents is at a disadvantage. It can be done seeing how Andre’s mother did but it is a struggle. I don’t believe that Andre id neglecting his child but if he is – Andre, take care of your child legally and whatever else to want. But also take care of yourself legally. I am sure that Dionne also knew that a tumble in the sheets could create a baby.

  13. DC

    Sorry I misspelled a few words but this hits close to home. I took care of my girls through court and otherwise. I got legal custody of one child and paid child support for the other of which I don’t believe most went to my child’s support. I even gave more than my court order. When my child was old enough, she came to live with me. Her mother was furious. I won’t print the things she said and did but it was not pretty.

  14. dodie

    Hope everything worked out here? Hey lady, there’s more to life than chasing a dollar. Take care of yourself and the rest will take care of itself. This man will do his part. Remember though, football careers are short, and the money won’t be rolling on forever. Think long term.

  15. selena

    I dont believe what she says about Andre.. Some women dont know how to handle a break up and use their children a aweapon to hurt the father. Sad but true. Whatever the case may be Dionne and Andre are the only ones that know. It is what it is…

  16. Miguel

    Why are these guys not smart enough to see through these Gold diggers…man, strap up or pull out…unless u put a ring on it…u shouldn’t be running up in these females many of these fools just making babies all over the place…fellas I promise you….The Nutt feel just as good with a condom on…Real talk…

  17. La Ronda Lymuel Shaw

    Clearly you all are assuming to much. I personally know she is not a gold digger because she comes from money. My Aunt Cecil didn’t raise her Grandaughter to depend on no man. Her family has money and so does she. It’s not about her, it’s about her wanting him to step up and do for his daughter. Don’t automatic assume, cause you make a ass out of yourself. Not all women are in it for the money! How about two people that were in love and things just didn’t workout. Wow! Y’all are so wrong..

  18. Beach Bum

    lisa, anne and ESPECIALLY bee need to STFU!!!!

    The dude procreated; it needs to provide financial support for his child. Case closed, end of story. $1500/mo is such a modest amount…ask Paul George or Dwayne Wade if they would be happy only paying $1500/mo! Ask Shawn Kemp about it – he impregnated some white chick in Cleveland and she demanded $40,000/mo in ‘child support’ (which is proof that dumb-@ss bee doesn’t know what they’re talking about).

    Itr appears that Andre could’ve avoided the negative publicity associated with this lawsuit had he simply agreed to pay the $1500/mo on the downlow. Not wure why he’d resist paying such a paltry amount. Soon he’ll have to pay it AND her leagl bills. Consecutive poor decisions.

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