09/16/11 (Updated)

Tramon Williams' wife Shantrell Williams

Tramon passed the former Shantrell Moore his phone number while in the cafeteria at Louisiana Tech together. He was a junior while she was a freshman. Shantrell says that she really wanted nothing to do with him and used to dodge his repeated phone calls before finally running into him at a Spring concert-fest when the relationship finally began. The two were married June 27, 2009 at a wedding where they each had 14 members in their wedding party (yes, 28 total) and 450+ guests. They have one child together.

Shantrell was a star athlete herself, playing basketball at LaTech and earning 2006-2007 WAC player of the year honors. She then went on to play professional basketball in Poland for a year.

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  1. mike

    good lucking family

  2. shakira

    dang I thought i was going to marry him.they do look sooo cute together:-)

  3. Amy

    Hay cousin we are so proud of you. Keep up the good work. The family will continue to pray for you.

  4. Gina Rocchi

    Hello, hope all is well with you. My best friend had breast cancer 8 years ago and was told that her cancer has spread and she is terminal. She's a mh/mr teacher in ohio. Do you know of any adult make a wish foundations by chance? Thanks any reply would be appreciated.