Mason Crosby’s wife Molly Crosby


  1. Barbara (Ormsby) Doucette

    Hi Molly! Remember me? Your neighbor in Glenwood Springs with the son who was the 6’9″ Glenwood Basketball star, Andy Ormsby? I just this very minute found out that you were married with a dear, little baby boy, Nolan Crosby, and probably at this moment on “Super Bowl pins and needles”!!!! Congratulations on all of the above … we’ll be thinking of you! Bless you, dear …. Barbara.

  2. Nick

    I tell my Sailors all the time that the difference between a good leader and great leader is one that learns from their mistakes and overcomes adversity. I do this because I expect nothing but the best, however it doesn’t always stick with some, but I see a lot in your husband, I don’t doubt him at all, I just think he has let the “noise” get to him. Good things always come from bad, and as long as he remains confident, and remembers that he can overcome adversity, he will be an outstanding Football player. I am no where near a packers fan, but I want to let him know that his “funk” he is in, must be overturned solely by himself, and in order to do that, he must remain confident, overcome adversity, and become that great leader which I try to mold day in and day out. He has my hope and prayers

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