Jordy Nelson’s wife Emily Nelson


  1. Keri

    This is SO CUTE. I love the story, and they way he proposed, its like a dream. I have had a crush on Jordy, for so long, and this, just makes it worse! But they are a very cute couple, probably one of the best in the NFL. GO PACKERS!

  2. call me jorylover

    I love you jordy . all my friends say im absesst with u and the packers. Im a girl that loves to watch and play football…(wide receiver, punter, and safety.) i have 15 packers imoms. 2 of ur jersey two of randalls and two of Aaron.( wish i had 3 of each to add to my collection.) thanks for the high five this summer…..

    love your #1 fan willow
    call me jordy

  3. Packer fan from Cali

    Cutest couple ever!!! Great game tonight Jordy your my best producing and best player on my fantasy team!!! My daughter is one and her middle name is Jordyn and my husband and I call her Jordy after you!

  4. Jake

    Nelson is a beast and I’m glad it looks like he’s a good person too. Being white and at a skill position is rare and he excels each and every week. As someone who grew up in Texas they always tried to change my position to something more “traditional” but that never deterred me either.
    Going to a Halloween party tonight after I grab his jersey (not doing the buzzcut though, don’t think it will look good on me haha)
    There’s so few elite white receivers left, keep showin’ out.
    – Jake

  5. Jack W

    We all like you because you act like a good guy. Not a show boat or jerk. Somebody to look up to. Thanks for staying humble when it would be easy for you to get cocky.

  6. Jess

    Jordy, you are my favorite player in the whole NFL. My family loves the GB Packers and you! The story about you being with your wife is so touching, I hope there are more couples out there like you two! Love you with all my heart, lets get the Super Bowl this year!

  7. Steve B.

    I am glad the Packers drafted you. I really enjoy the games more now that you are a part of the team. I only hope some of the others can pick it up, and hang on to the balls thrown to them. I would hate to see you end up like Sterling Sharpe with his shortened career, by being sent over the middle too many times. Have another great season, stay healthy, and get the others motivated.

  8. PackerFan615

    Good game last night Jordy. So glad your my Fantasy receiver. Good blessings to you and your family. May God continue to bless.

  9. Lizandro Cevallos


    Keep up the great work man! You have become my favorite receiver this year! I grew up playing football in Miami, played Junior College ball in Cali, and ended my career at a D3 in Kenosha, WI. Wish I had the drive and ability you have, my days are long gone. Still it’s an inspiration to see your continued success! You are a role model and champ its players like you that make the Nfl awesome, thanks Jordy and happy holidays to you and the family, God bless.

  10. Grandma Larson

    Just want Jordy to know that I bend the knee in prayer before every game praying he will not be injured. Wish all players were the example that he is. I have 3 young grandsons that really look up to him. Thank you.

  11. Lee warner

    My brother is Jeff warner. He taught at k state. Enjoy watching you play and royal was our grandfather, great name for your son. Be safe and good luck next year.

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