Jermichael Finley’s wife Courtney Finley


  1. mary w.

    Black is beautiful player…,,, should have stuck to a black wife…… she would have stayed by you even if you were broke

  2. Imaz

    ^^NOT TRUE PLAYA//Mary W.^^ REAL COMES IN ALL COLORS…Stop hatin…Just be happy God blessed him with a beautiful wife and fam

  3. Lindsay

    I think its funny hearing colored girls hate on white girls! REAL black woman that are confident about they selves do not have to hate white women simply because they are white which lets me know you are probably not looking too good MARY!!! :)

  4. Kendra

    So what if she’s mixed. She’s a wonderful person. Does it really matter if she is black or white or both????

  5. Mary

    Courtney; sorry about the immature crap people write. What matters right now is Michael and you Courtney. I’m praying and feel blessed that Michael is doing better. As a die Packer fan I think most fans were horrified at Michaels injury. We can only understand how awful it was for you! Please let Michael we are thinking and for him. Thank goodness he has you. You are a beautiful woman. We will continue to pray for you both. Sending best wishes, Mary

  6. michelle kraft

    You people frickin kill me. I’m white as snow but on my grandfather’s birth certificate states he as listed as negro. We are all God’s children and in his eyes he sees no color. You ignorant people need to keep your stupid comments to yourself. I am proud of who I am. Jermichael and Courtney my prayers are with you and all of the children. I happen to be at the game when he was hurt and i shed many tears as you have been my fav forever. God keep you in his watch and may things turn out as you all want them to be. Please remember safety first.

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