Donald Driver’s wife Betina Driver


  1. michelle brickner

    Hello, I am on the board of directors for the Kimberly House (transitional living for recovering drug and alcoholics) we are a non for profit in Sturgeon Bay WI and would love to put together an event with the Packer Wives to help us raise some money. How would we put something together and do you have any thoughts on this. It would be really cool for Sturgeon Bay and the Kimberly House which is a very much needed organization in Sturgeon Bay. We would love to expand as well because we have 4 beds which are full right now with men but there are times when we have to turn people away because we just dont have the room. 2 bedrooms so either all men or women in a room. The Kimberly House has helped many people with sobriety and would love to be able to continue for years to come. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

  2. james

    A couple like this in this time and age is an extinct thing, you don’t see too many chocolate couples out there. 2 dark skin people together where does that happen today.

  3. T.J

    2012…And we are totally shocked (I know I was) to see 2 darkskinned people on T.V (sans Good Times in the 70s)…and to be married to each other…it’s truly amazing…What a gorgeous family…

  4. evelyn miller

    Hi Alcornites and fellow Deltains(?(lol)

    You are truly an inspiring couple. Thanks for all you do for so many. If you are ever back in Cleveland, MS, be sure to stop in the other Big C(Clarksdale). Prayed for Donald on Dancing for the Stars. Got my fingers crossed. Just waiting. 9:54 p.m. Central time, May 22. Betina you are a beautiful lady and you have some beautiful children.

    Congratulations. My prayers were answered.

  5. Rufus Danielos

    Congratulations to another graduate from a “SWAC” college [I’m from the other ASU (Alabama State University)and have two grandchildren about the ages of your current two–one with a middle name “Christin]. Keep up the good work and we wish the very best for you and your beautiful family.

  6. jenny lansing

    David Carr, we’ll send you the LensCrafters coupon in Sunday’s paper. You need glasses — NOW. LOL Betina Driver is clearly a relatively slender lady. After giving birth to two children, she placed in the top tier of a fitness contest — while wearing a bikini. You’re clearly envious of Donald having a beautiful, intelligent, morally-upstanding wife. Go back to your blow-up doll and leave normal people alone!

  7. shotgun517

    Great to see an athletes wife involved in charity and fitness instead of drama and all the other superficial things these other players wives get into!

  8. Lynn

    Seems like a lot of you are conditioned and brainwashed to think that black men don’t get with black women…they do and this is the case the MAJORITY of the time….more than half the black men on this website are dating or married to black women. The problem is that you see the ones that aren’t exposed the most and more often. don’t get it twisted.

  9. Towanda Blake

    I’m so proud to see you the beautiful woman person that you are I do not know you but you are me.

  10. Beach Bum

    Damn, that is the tastiest-looking WAG I’ve ever seen! She looks like she was carved from a block of chocolate! Definitely the hottest NFL wife EVER.

    Two children and yet fit and in tip-top shape. No excuses for the rest of us!

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