Clay Matthews’ wife Casey Noble


  1. A. Nonymous

    I highly doubt Casey Noble and her husband are still married. I know a lot of people like to make a big deal about her marriage, but let’s face it, Noble and her husband have been apart for over a year–more than likely they’re going through the divorce process.

    And I think its REALLY weird he’s dating a woman with the same name as his brother!

  2. Ella

    Yes, I think it’s wired that he is dating someone with same name as his brother and but what is REALLY wired is that he is dating someone that is the same age as his sister. Both Casey and Clay’s sister are 35. :-P

  3. Katie

    He is dating fashion blogger Kristi Stalter from He was seen getting into the car with her this past weekend in GreenBay. It was also confirmed on other websites. Yah for not dating a married woman!

  4. CN

    Internet websites indicate she was supposedly still married in May 2012 and supposedly met him in July 2012; the public Instagram flirt came in December 2012; the charity event was in February 2013; the hockey game was at the end of March 2013; the basketball game was in April 2013; she spent time with him during Mother’s Day weekend 2013 in Wisconsin; and the trip to Mexico was at the end of Spring training in May / June 2013.

  5. Dizzy

    Congrats to Clay on keeping his personal life so personal. It isn’t any of the publics business who he dates,just because he’s famous.

  6. Sue

    They are dating. Casey Noble shops at Festival Foods in De Pere when she’s in town. She drives his black escalade. I’ve seen her there and I also live in the same condo complex as Clay. I’m a few doors down.

  7. Lee

    Dang, if he marries her I guarantee 100% he’ll regret the day he did. Amazing when a woman doesn’t show true colors until it’s too late.

  8. nikki

    Why is he so secretive about their relationship? No recent pics together,but it’s common knowledge they are a couple. Is he embarrassed? If I was his gf I’d be ticked he didn’t acknowledge me.

  9. Jay

    Stay away from this dude. Ur not going to realize some sh$t til its too late. U could get a better shaved p^ssy than that.

  10. skeet

    ever since he started with her, his play has gone down, he never acknowledges his fans, in short he has become an egocentric douche

  11. stretch armstrong

    At least we know when Clay marries her, she can’t wear white (even for her first wedding), she can’t be walked down the aisle as her daddy already did that during her first wedding (maybe her ex-husband will do it), and she can’t get married in a church which she already did in her first wedding. Great pick there, Clay. #marryinganothermanswife

  12. stretch armstrong

    No he didn’t. Clay has never admitted about being with any woman ever. Even at last year’s hockey and basketball games did he mention he was with “that” woman.

  13. dp

    stretch-what planet are you from? She got married in Utah at a ski resort not a church. She can certainly wear white-if a Kardashian can. She has been divorced for years-deal with it. Shape magazine said he was in a relationship (although they did say Chris Long was single and he is married)He said on Dan Patrick he had been in a relationship 4 years prior to the superbowl-probably his college gf.

  14. Jean9

    They deserve each other. One is a real airhead like someone said above, an absolute gigglebrain and the other is an airhead who likes to hammer any moving target.

  15. stretch armstrong

    dp, if you saw the wedding video before she took it down, it showed her saying vows in a church. Deal with it!

  16. Jay

    What r u saying dp? That Clay is gay? That doesnt matter to some women. I think Kanye is gay and Kim Whoredashian is a beard. If theres a lot of money involved the woman can look the other way and collect her check. Works out for the two. He gets it backdoor and may be pounds her a time or two.

  17. dp

    just a thought Jay. I don’t really care. Find it really strange there are no recent pics of them and NONE of previous ones.

  18. dp

    of course a pic shows up of her at the Bears game with his big sis. Hope they are very happy what ever their relationship.

  19. Bill

    I agree with JJ above as I knew her and have the same opinion. Really I don’t care what they do, he may be as dopey as her. Best wishes.

  20. reality sux doesn't it

    . reality sux doesn’t it ey met and started dating. That’s why it was on social media. Like Kim K hooking up with Kanye before being legally divorced. No one would care except Clay seems to like the older, used and still married women. So if you like someone already taken and get involved with them, how do you trust that same person to stay faithful to you? You don’t! Screwing around with still married people doesn’t work out. If she’s so smart and witty, please tell her to get him to play like he used to.

  21. T-Bone

    Clay likes old cougar poon. Maybe the steroids made his rinky really dinky. Cougars don’t mind that though if you got a big thick juicy contract.

  22. T-Bone

    Heard that too. He’s done caught now. Start coughing up those $$$$ Clay baby because sloppy seconds cost as much as pure clean poon.

  23. Christian Values

    They aren’t married yet. The shotgun wedding is coming. Clay had to put a ring on it since he wasn’t smart enough to wrap it up. He never appeared to be ready for marriage and a kid and now he is getting both all at once. And she saw her chance to solidify her relationship with him by getting pregnant.

  24. Joe King

    To “Lee” & “Jay”, the both of you predicted her right about not knowing he has until it’s too late. He’s locked with her now that she’s carrying his kid.

  25. Beach Bum

    Why is it apocalyptic for a guy to date/marry an older woman? Geez, people on here act like this chick is in her 60s! She’ll be 37 in May and he’ll be 28 – is that really a big deal? Better to date a mature and established woman with her own career than a gold-digging chickenhead! I salute the dude. He’s in his sexual prime and she’s in hers – should be a good match.

  26. really

    So she’s older,but then again she’s a cheater. They’ll marry and they’ll part. Cheaters don’t make good wives or husbands.

  27. Krissy

    Clay and Aaron both need to stay single and keep their own lives for now.Mess up your lives later! The Packers are your main concern now!!!!!! Stay out of the Hollywood crap! Your to good for them!

  28. Guest Star

    It’s too late for them (or at least one of them) to take your advice because – SURPRISE! – Clay is already married.

    I don’t see Aaron marrying Munn anytime soon – but not because he doesn’t like marriage. After that pic of him kissing her while clasping both hands in the most awkward way possible, I can’t help but wonder…

    AT LEAST the Pack is on fire again DESPITE Clay’s status and Aaron’s involvement with a Hollywood babe. Tough match-up with NYG.

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