Clay Matthews’ girlfriend Kristi Stalter


  1. Mike

    I feel like you picked unflattering pictures of her. If you look at her blog she is actually really good looking with some long ass legs!

  2. Maggie

    so glad he is taking her and not the married woman anymore! It’s about time he found a girl that was deserving of him!

  3. Mike

    Actually, she’s a teacher in Bloomington, IL. Not Bloomington, WI. Bloomington, WI has maybe 10 people. Dont know if it even has a school anymore.

  4. Jadzia

    I am not sure what makes her blog so popular. I mean, she’s not a model, she’s a teacher. What makes her an expert on fashion? She dresses like a regular person. However, the fact that she is a “regular” person is sort of endearing. I hope things work out for them….I guess!

  5. Jean

    Here’s a thought: why can’t these athletes get interested in someone with a deep thought process? He’s been with Amber Lancaster and the old married lady on HGTV. Nothing like women with superficial thoughts of clothes, accent pillows and gigantic walk-in closets. Yes, those are pretty important concerns of some women, but if all you’re concerned about is access into these bimbos’ knickers, have at it. Some of these guys still think with their you were-know -what. 

  6. Shari

    This is not accurate. He is not dating Kristi- has never even met her in fact. Might want to double check your information…

  7. Jump

    Bogus bogus. It was a publicity stunt for her blog. Pretty desperate for attention. CM is with Casey Noble still. Possibly engaged and getting married soon.

  8. stretch armstrong

    Sounds like “Jump” is part of Casey Noble’s gold digging friends. At least we know Casey Noble can’t wear white (even for her first wedding), she can’t be walked down the aisle as her daddy already did that during her first wedding, and she can’t get married in a church which she already did in her first wedding. Great pick there, Clay. #marryinganothermanswife

  9. jump

    seriously? you think i’m one of CN’s friends? nope. Read on Kristi’s interview she did months ago that she has never met Clay. Her words. Said she had no clue how the rumor got started. Acted all surprised.

  10. Bailey

    Jump- I have a feeling you are Casey. Secondly, If this was a publicity stunt why would she have admitted that she didn’t even know him? Don’t you think she would have just played coy?

    Don’t worry CN we know you are with him now stop being so possessive!

  11. hes a jerk

    He’s so proud and happy that he’s announced it very happily. Oh wait a second, he didn’t. That would take a real man.

  12. Beach Bum

    Poor girl. Between the nose and the overbite, she never had a chance. Say what you will about CN but at least her face is proportionate…

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