Brett Favre’s wife Deanna Favre


  1. ram29jackson

    Brett favre has not made a dumb decision yet. Just decisions you dont like because you believe what trhe media tells you.

  2. Alex

    What a story. Brett will be sorely missed, if he retires. Like him or not, he has been great for the NFL. One of the most exciting players of all time.

  3. JL

    Brett Farve is a legend. He is the last of them too. I have kept up with him since he started with Green Bay. If he retires I will miss him greatly. He is absolutely exciting to watch. Brett though your years you have been a wonderful QB and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Happy Valentines Day to you and your family.

  4. Debbie

    Any other opinions now? She is a strong woman. I am like her. There is no need to stay with a man who has no thought even if in the “moment”. I raised my daugther by myself because the man in her life, her father, did not excercise the decision to realize he was in a relationship with this new perspn who would eventually see him as he was. We all create a ripple in the future. The most important way is our children. I also went back to her dad only for him to end up doing exactly what I thought would happen. Endurance is the real truth.

  5. shipdog7

    Why doesn’t Brett go the sexual addiction route?
    It hasn’t see to help other celebs who used it,
    Rehab! Vicodin, alcohol, sex addiction.
    Maybe he should join a reality show with Tiger
    Woods, and Jesse James.

  6. KSGainey

    I highly doubt Brett did anything that Jenn Sterger is saying. Yes he admitted to voice mails but nothing else. Explain these then

    1.)Why did this come out right before the Jets/Vikings game. Especially when the Jets are known to get under people’s skin right before.

    2.)This is coming out 2 years after the fact?!

    3.)No one has released names of the supposed massage therapists who are claiming aggressive persuing.

    4.)Jenn Sterger isn’t cooperating with the NFL and their investigation.

    Brett Favre may have left a VM or 2 but he isn’t that much of a dick as everyone seems to think he is. Stop listening to the media and think about it. Also I’m pretty sure Deanna would leave if it was anything serious.

  7. Northland Newy

    What I see here is a bunch of people pointing the finger at something that they really don’t know that much about. Remember the old saying, when you point the finger, four of them are pointing back at you. This is all a bunch of CRAP. I think that Brett and Deanna have done a good job at taking care of their own business and it would be nice if everyone would let them do just that.
    Brett is the BEST Quarterback in history! He’s had a few tribulations in his life, who hasn’t? I think he has handled this well and that most of it is a lie. He has done so much for football. Thanks for the memories Brett. You deserve a nice retirement.

  8. EZ Rawlins

    Is it me, or is his wife the darkest-skinned white woman on earth? Somewhere in her family tree has GOT TO BE an African American or Native American ancestor.

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