AJ Hawk’s wife Laura Hawk, Brady Quinn’s sister Laura Hawk


  1. Cathleen Vieceli

    I LOVE that you had the divided jersey. Blood is thicker than water. You had a unique circumstance. Once in life time. I think it was the absolute right thing to do and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. I think you are incredible for supporting your brother and your now husband. Please don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad or guilty. The image still comes to mind in my head of you in the stands with the jersey. Still gives me goosebumps. My son and I are watching Greenbay and got to talking about you and your husband. My son is waiting to hear from Ohio State. I told him about your jersey and he didn’t believe me. I went online to prove it. We were saddened to see you had regrets wearing the divided jersey. If I could afford to send you a book I have I would, and perhaps after my tax return I will. Iiving with no regrets. You guys seem like such neat folks and we really admire the jersey. Please embrace your decision it touched our family. Also know we will be praying for you and your husband. We pray he stays safe and healthy thus season. Thanks. OH…….. IO

  2. DontMatterMayne

    You’ll be praying for Laura Hawk and her husband? Yeah, like that would accomplish anything.

  3. diane leo

    my son chance leo hads grow hair out to donate it check story gazette.net germantown boy grow hair to to donate to aj hawk fox news wants story be cool if aj could come out to meet chance

  4. Joey

    Typical moron. Someone says, “I’ll pray for you” and some clown responds with some stupidity. I’m an agnostic. When someone tells me they’re praying for me, I appreciate it. The fact that someone cares enough to include me in their prayers means something to me. Of course, when someone says, “I’m thinking of you,” I appreciate that too. Whatever people believe, it’s nice that they care enough about me to include me in their beliefs.

  5. Nick Timmerman

    Hi Laura! My name is Nick Timmerman, we had a picture taken together at the comedy club for Hawk’s Locks. Since then, I have become even a bigger Hawk’s family fan. I was wondering if you and AJ have any public appearances or events coming up? I would like very much to wish you and AJ my best before the super bowl gets here. If there is anything I can do to help out, please let me know.

  6. Cubby

    I ran into you and AJ at Potbelly’s in Dublin a few years ago. I mentioned my Grandson’s names were Hendrix and Bowie,both named after rock stars. You had your daughter Lennon with you.I think it’s great you named your son Hendrix. I was born in Wisconsin and now live in Hilliard.I’m a die hard Packer fan. Best of luck to you and A.j.I’m sure you’re glad to be back in Ohio.

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