Aaron Rodgers ex-girlfriend Julie Henderson


  1. T-

    I agree with jim, this going for all Hollywood, will cause him to lose respect, just like Romo… why dont these guys ever go for some normal people?

  2. Tristan Payeur

    It is rare to encounter a professional person in whom you can have some trust. In the world today, nobody really cares about showing others exactly how in this matter. How blessed I am to have found a wonderful web site as this. It truly is people like you who make a genuine difference in this world through the thoughts they discuss.

  3. Jessica

    Aaron Rogers is hot, don’t know why he continues to go for those skinny super model types. Guess he figures that is what everyone expects him to date. He needs to date a girl that looks healthy and isn’t afraid to eat a meal in front in front of him. That doesn’t consist of goat cheese an Tofu. These scrawny unhealthy Lindsy Lohan females (jacked up on something). How bout someone who is down home and healthy lookiing who hasn’t had some kind of work done for once would be nice. Don’t care if she’s tattoo’d. Everyone is now-a-days. Think OUT SIDE THE TACO shaped females.

  4. Roger H

    It’s interesting that people will have a love opinion of the worth of another human being just because of their appearance. You don’t like how someone looks, fine. But that doesn’t equate to their overall worth. Criticism is only as valuable as it’s own rationale. Non constructive, negative, ill willed criticism is wroth just that and doesn’t reflect its object to which it’s aimed. It only reflects the person giving the criticism but their own perception get in the way of seeing the real problem. Low self esteem, insecurity, superiority, societal beliefs etc, contribute
    to this type of thinking. People just follow without question. It’s a lack of love for fellow human beings, lack of empathy, lack of tolerance, lack of compassion, justification and pride in the absence of these. “Do you think that you are better, really better than the rest? Then you realize there’s a problem, I know that you can give your best. Have you ever heard a dream? or is life just a trip? A trip without chances. A chance to grow up quick!” – Sandra Nasic – Guano Apes

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