Aaron Rodgers girlfriend Hillary Scott


  1. J

    I really like knowing that Hilliary is dating Aaron Rodgers. Especially that I am such a big fan of Lady A…I have all their cd’s have seen them many times in concert and I am from Wisconsin, a Packer fan of course, and really like Aaron being our quarterback…

    Go Pack, Aaron and Hilliary!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aaron

    She is a sexy girl that Hillary, she has a woman’s body, not a stick figure that disappears when she turns side-on. I’m an Aussie, so I have no idea or interst in who this Aaron guy is, but he’s one lucky bloke if he gets to take her home. If only Americans played a real mans game like Rugby League, no pads, just tough men bashing the crap out of each other. All that padding and helmets makes it look like robots are playing, boring game. Plus, NFL must be soft if the players need all that padding so they don’t chip a nail. Anyway, back to Hillary, come to Oz you sexy thing and check out real men, you’ll have a ball (or two…)

  3. Johnny

    The reason they wear pads is because we aren’t retarded in America. We have common sense and contact sports without pads is just stupid. Enjoy brain problems.

  4. Natalie

    That’s funny, concussions are a rarity in rugby, whereas they happen quite frequently in the NFL. Nice try!

    Go Pats!

  5. SassyCassy

    Aaron Rodgers is pretty much the most amazing man in the NFL..and I love the fact he’s playing for the PACKERS!! I just don’t understand why women only want him for his money; he’s a great man too! At least he reads the Bible-and admitted it! I think he has AWESOME qualities also…and I don’t think he would just up and leave a girl; this guy’s a REAL MAN and if it was possible, I’d marry him!

  6. albert

    I’d be more impressed if he was dating the porn star. she’s a hot and nasty little thing. although who knows, maybe this hillary is just as hot and nasty. nah….

  7. Zelco Munye`

    I like AR but the boy is nowhere near Hillary’s league. She is hot, sweet, smart, and a God-fearing​ woman. Rodgers is a puffed-up distraction. She needs someone that’s less hype and more substance. Professional athletes and Hollywood troglodytes are all extremely overpaid, over-valued entertainers, at best. Mr. Puffy McFluffington, go back to cheese and brats. Hillary is caviar, home-cookin’, and fine wine in one amazing package.

    Go Hawks!!!

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