Aaron Rodgers’ Girlfriend Destiny Newton


  1. Jade Lee

    She is obviously significant to Aaron Rodgers but lol I think he can do alot better, like with me ;) JK! But no in all seriousness, I love AR’s demeanor. Besides his cute boyish looks and sexy in his own way, he’s intelligent, well spoken, and seemingly a gentlemen..Not to mention can maneuver the field and get the ball down the field with accuracy ;) Gotta love that man!

  2. ISIA

    “No one” you say? What a horrible choice of words! Maybe “no one famous”, but I think that’s good for him – he is wholesome guy who needs wholesome girl, not a D-class “celebrity” looking to jump start her career!

  3. Cheryl

    She is a lovely girl from a very nice family here in his hometown in Northern California.
    She is not a celebrity, but will be a good grounding force for his huge persona right now.

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