03/19/15 (Updated)

Aaron Rodgers' Girlfriend Destiny Newton

03-11-2013: The Aaron Rodgers engagement rumors were true. Arraon Rodgers and Destiny Newton are set to be wed on 03-30-2013. We'll post more news at we get it.

10-23-2012: According to TerezOwens.com, Aaron Rodgers' girlfriend Destiny Newton was seen at a friends' wedding wearing a giant engagement ring. While there is no confirmation from the Rodgers camp, he's very reserved with his private life, so there likely wouldn't be.

This is old news at this point, but worth pointing out now that football is back in season. Continuing a dating resume that is beginning to rival Derek Jeter, Aaron Rodgers' girlfriend is now Destiny Newton. Who is Destiny Newton you ask? Well, beyond Aaron Rodgers' girlfriend, you mean? Well, pretty much no one. She is the sister of former Bachelor contestant Shawntel Newton, so there's that. Destiny Newton is from just outside Chico, California and enjoys fly fishing, Jack Daniels and dating NFL quarterbacks. At one point, though we sorta doubt this is still the case, Destiny was a bartender in San Diego while attending college as a Communications major.

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8 Responses to “Aaron Rodgers' Girlfriend Destiny Newton”

  1. GIna

    She is very cute.

  2. T-

    Even though Im jealous. I think it's great he's dating a "no one". Very good choice.

  3. GEGJ

    T- couldn't agree more- on both counts! :-)

  4. Jade Lee

    She is obviously significant to Aaron Rodgers but lol I think he can do alot better, like with me ;) JK! But no in all seriousness, I love AR's demeanor. Besides his cute boyish looks and sexy in his own way, he's intelligent, well spoken, and seemingly a gentlemen..Not to mention can maneuver the field and get the ball down the field with accuracy ;) Gotta love that man!

  5. ISIA

    "No one" you say? What a horrible choice of words! Maybe "no one famous", but I think that's good for him - he is wholesome guy who needs wholesome girl, not a D-class "celebrity" looking to jump start her career!

  6. Anonymous

    He's dating some girl from the east coast now

  7. Jayne

    He's dating some girl from the east coast now.

  8. Cheryl

    She is a lovely girl from a very nice family here in his hometown in Northern California.
    She is not a celebrity, but will be a good grounding force for his huge persona right now.