Roger Goodell’s wife Jane Skinner


  1. tammy

    Dear Jane,

    My name is Tammy and I am writing to you because I reached out to your husband in regard to the bounty scandal which is a cover up to what is really going on in the NFL locker rooms. These men hacked my computer, phone and watched my every move. They watched me masturbate, shower and everything else I did in the privacy of my own home. Your husband is well aware of the situation along with the NFLPA. Roger tried his very best to do the right thing, for whatever reason he decided to hand the case over to Paul. The NFL players watched me as I battled breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. This is the short version of what transpired. I am telling you because you are a woman a mother, daughter which these grown men tend to forget. I am hoping you can talk to your husband to make a change as to what really goes on in the locker room and the NFL.

  2. Uhhhh Tammy

    Tammy, you said the bounty scandal was a coverup to what was really happening in NFL locker rooms, then you said they watched you masturbate. Why were you masturbating in NFL locker rooms??

  3. Rob Stirn

    You are married to the biggest butt kisser to come along since Eddie Haskell. He doesn’t care about the fans, management, or players; only the owners. He is a butt kissing lackey of the establishment and should be banned from the NFL. What he has done to Ray Rice is double jeopardy. He saw the tape, along with the rest of us in the first week of March, 2014. He shouldn’t lie to the public or try to weasel his way out of this!

  4. Glenn Gauntt (gant)

    What, if any, action can the Football Commissioner take concerning owners actions off the field. Case in point, Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys, consorting/abusing female prostitutes in Houston. The pictures were plain and simple abusive and disgusting. Certainly not much of a role model for anyone and especially football sports fans. Jones action seems much more abrasive/abusive than the actions of the basketball team owner that was forced by the Basketball Commissioner to sell his team. Where is the football Commissioner where is NOW (National Organization of Women. I guess if you have the money you can buy off the media from ANY coverage/outrage at all.

  5. roger

    Dear Idiot,

    Jane Goodell is never going to see this page. Why do you think she would go to at any point in her life? If what you say is true, that sucks. I hope they find a cure for your stupidity.

  6. James ross

    Dear jane,

    My name is james your husband is doing a horrible job
    as the face of the N.F.L..It makes you and your family
    look terrible.You are just a gold digger.How you can
    sleep with a man who let this go on for so long.makes
    me sick.

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