Reggie Bush’s girlfriend Kim Kardashian


  1. Kristina

    Wat the hell he was thinking bout when he met that slut kim. I heard that she had another boyfriend and keeping it as a secret from Reggie Bush.I cant wait til he find about this. This will be the talk of the newspaper. Then im going to be laughing all in her face about it. The only thing i want to see when he dump her like a hot potato again. LOL!!!!

  2. Brooke

    Kim is one of the most beautiful women on this site, and somewhere deep down she has intelligence. I am a die-hard saints fan and love Reggie, but why would he seriously date her? One, she’s kind of slutty (sex tape, playboy). Two, why would he be in it for fame and fortune? He has enough of that on his own without her. The only thing I can configure is that he’s in it for the fact that she is very very pretty, her whole family is. But he could find a girl somewhere with some class that’s just as pretty without the extensions and airbrushing. Reggie is too sweet and too much of a good guy to end up with someone like her. She’s gorgeous, but he could do better. I don’t think she’s right for him.

  3. myfuturehusbandisasaint

    yea if ya’ll havent heard he broken up with her again!! about time as a saints players girlfriend she was really bad for him and she never gave him his time to shine after the superbowl. she is a media whore..hopefully he learns and doesnt take the slut back hopefully we dont gotta see her next season

  4. Sapp

    I am sooo happy it’s over. She is useless. Pretty in the face doesn’t mean a daym thing in Hollyweird. She is a user, she has no substance and there is no way she could have made a great mother, check her mother out..please. Reggie please focus on your game for next year and live a young 24 year old SUPER BOWL CHAMPION LIFE. Date, date and date some more. She is too old and such a MEDIA WHORE can we not see her anymore? I guess as everyone says, Sex sells and she is reaping all of the benefits from her body and her Slut sex tape. Wow!!!

  5. leelee

    i think they are a great couple&& she seems like a very nice girl and plus she FLAWLESS but sometimes i do wish that when black men get on top they would date a black woman but thats not always how it go’s ..

  6. Nikki

    Kim is beautiful, smart, can cook and has great fashion sense that’s what ever man wants. Why wouldn’t he love her. I know she is everything I wanna be. It doesn’t matter her race or who she slept with … every one has dirt…. It’s who she is now and whats she’s learned. And for all that think she does nothing, check out all her business she’s founded … bet you don’t have that :) He is lucky to have her and she him… Their relationship is theirs and i bet its better than yours so lay off the beautiful couple … no matter what money or fame can bring only love is true happiness.

  7. Patricia

    Kim and Reggie are back together as of Dec 17 she has dated Miles Austin,Kris Humphries and fuck Ray Jay wtf the Bitch is nasty Reggie the have Free Hiv Testing get one that y ur ass messing up on the field they need to leave you on the bench we you belong. sad asssssssssssssssssss…….

  8. MaryPro

    Reggie Bush es hipocrita y mentiroso. Quiere aparecer como santo y es un playboy, mujeriego, se acuesta con tood lo que puede, stripers y no stripers. ha engañado a Kim con loca de Carmen ortega que hizo entrar camaras en su casa, que verguenza no sabe con quien se lleva y trae basura a su casa, despues la culona de mayra Veronica, la Jessi James, la horrible masculina Amber Rose, unas otras mozas por todas partes. Y todavia su mama cree que es un santo. Ya mismo va salir sex-tape de el. Kim sufrio por su video y pago precio y ahora se merece un hombre que la respete como todos lo queremos. Realmente es un engaño y dios le va dar lo mismo, esperen no mas, lo que le espera.

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