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Matthew Stafford's girlfriend Kelly Hall

UPDATE 04/04/2015: Congratulations to Matthew Stafford's wife Kelly Stafford. After years of dating, and just over a year of engagement, Matthew Stafford and the former Kelly Hall finally tied the knot in front of family, friends and teammates.

The lavish affair featured some throwback neon airbrushed hats for guests to rock on the dance floor. Guests, which included Calvin Johnson, Golden Tate, Joseph Fauria and morer, were sent home with personalized hats, and Nike shoes to rock on the light up dance floor.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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UPDATE 03/31/2014: After years of dating, Matthew Stafford and girlfriend Kelly Hall have apparently decided it was time. After dropping some serious change on a massive rock, Matthew Stafford and Kelly Hall are engaged.

The NFL WAG Mentor taking new NFL QB WAGs under her belt took to Twitter to share the exciting news, while also showing how they celebrated. And really, as filthy rich, huge celebrities, what better way is there to celebrate than a trip to Coldstone (seriously, that's kind of how I wish I'd celebrated).

"Don’t think I could be any happier!! #icecream." - Kelly Hall Instagram

Perfect way to announce it. Congratulations to Stafford, Hall and all of us for keeping more Kelly Hall in our lives.

Matthew Stafford's girlfriend Kelly Hall is a WAG celebrity.

Stafford and Hall met while attending the University of Georgia, where she was on the cheerleading team.  Kelly Hall's brother Chad Hall has had a few stints in the NFL as a wideout/special teamer, getting looks from the Eagles and 49ers, though never getting much run.  Matthew Stafford obviously left school after his junior year to become the first overall pick to the Detroit Lions in the 2009 NFL Draft, but that didn't end things with his college girlfriend who has stayed right in the picture since their time together at UGA.

With just cause, Stafford has never been shy about showing off his girlfriend.  Hall, who some have speculated  saw some significant "growth" after Stafford landed $11M in guaranteed money, has become a fixture both at Lions games, and online.  Her Twitter and Instagram accounts are must follows, and with more than 15,000 Twitter followers, it's pretty obvious that many a Lions fan got the message.

With five years as the wife of a professional Quarterback under her belt, Kelly Hall should be an inspiration to all prospective QB WAGs about to enter the league.  Blaine Bortles' girlfriend Lindsey Duke is the most prominent name in the 2014 draft class.  Fortunately for Duke, luck was on her side this weekend when she embarked on a family cruise, as Kelly Hall was on the same boat.   The two got together and provided photographic evidence of their overlapping vacation on Instagram, with Hall tweeting out

Got to meet a new friend on the cruise..Wishing her and her man all the luck in the upcoming draft!

And with these two worlds colliding, football fans everywhere rejoiced.

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    My oh my... can anyone say FAKE? Sad,too; she's so cute. Did she really think she needed to do that?

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    Matt's cute and his girlfriend isn't bad either but what was she thinking. That's not even a good boob job. One is bigger than the other, they're too round, and they're way to high up. The bleached blonde hair doesn't help either though... What a shame, she could be really pretty.

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    She paid for them herself because she could and she wanted them. More power to ya girl. I don't understand why people talk bad about her, she seem super nice she just doesn't put up with anything and I personally think it's great. https://twitter.com/kellybhall/status/360774197225603075