Wes Welker’s wife Anna Burns


  1. jay


  2. patti

    Woohoo, so this is the Hooters Hottie. Well it looks like we have good taste! Shoot, I get the knee? She gets the baby….gotta get you up.. On your feet that is. Still along way to go, don’t rush things. Take care of Wes Anna!

  3. Cleveland

    Word around Boston is that Wes and this chick are splittsville and has been for quite some time. He’s been quoted as saying he only dates 10’s. So I guess miss Burns stock dropped a couple of points. Also, Wes has been seen hanging out Youk (also recently separated) in certain parts of the city hitting on local bar rats. Don’t know how good that is for Wes as Youk has a reputation of being a dick when it comes to women.

  4. Marissa

    Wes is so cute himself! His GF Anna Burns is a little doll.she is very beautiful!
    I am sure she adores him and he has the same respect for her…
    Anna is a beautful model! features are gorgeous!
    Nice catch Wes…

  5. Keith

    Wes Welker…….One of the best Players I’ve ever seen play. I can’t believe some of the things he does and some of the hits he takes. He is what football is about. Be careful and be safe….See you in the Hall of Fame..

    P.S. What you said about Ray Lewis is right…Nothing to apolagise about.

  6. NotAPatsFan

    I’m not a Pats fan, but I was pulling for them yesterday [first time ever]. Why?… Because everything she said about Lewis is true. I hope Wes is as proud of her as she is of him. we’ve all seen Wes made some great catches over the years, but she’s his greatest catch of all!

  7. shebsby

    Wow…..really classy……you are a sore loser….shows your true Colors….do your research before you talk trash about someone…..you are a hooter whore..who got a free ride…..sit back and stfu….

  8. Robert

    We all have problems. Problems are what becomes opportunitird for us to testify the goodness of God. Glad you admitted to being a sore loser. Some people do not want “God” mentioned in this country, don’t fall for that crap and try to be ther spokeswoman, you are better than that. I work with your sister Chris. We all make mistakes, but what you put on your Face Book page is for you and your friends, not the entire world. I thouht your comments were those of a “Player hater”, but that was on your page not “Tweeter”. Yhey are clearly invading the American people’s privacy with this “PATRIOT Act” (NO PUN INTENDED). “No weapon formed against me shall prosper” – Ray Lewis. As God forgives Ray, your forgiven the same. Be careful, though. Wes Welker has still play in this league, please don’t mess it up for him.

  9. joshward

    you hit the nail on the head… i loved your comment… its ashame who they claim to be role models these days… ray lewis is a great foorball player but a horrible human being, he should pray for forgiveness and learn to keep it at that. by the way wes welker is my favorite reciever and im an eagles fan, lol. also you are so much more gorgeous than any players wife, including giselle…. just sayin.. next time do us all a favor and stand behind your comment, there was no need to appologize… be well

  10. Anonymous

    Apparently the Patriots wives are as entitled as their husbands seem to think they are. You could definately learn alot from Ray Lewis. Next time think before you type.

  11. RayRay

    When you criticize somone please get all the information straight. If the authorities in Georgia could have convicted him of murder or any other crime they wouldf have done so. You husband makes enough money that you can buy a transcript and see all the transpired. If the Pats would have won the game there would not have been an out burst and this this shows a poor loser and the way the Pats acted the whole team is nothing but a bunch of poor losers. With bad attitudes please not that other players are watching, reading and looking and you can believe that they will be waiting for the Pats in the 2013 season. What you can do for Wes is teach him how to catch and because careful so that a strong safety does not knock his block off

  12. Spartan98

    Ray Lewis was initially charged with murder, but was allowed to plead guilty to obstruction of justice…a misdemeanor. In other words, he was not truthful during his initial interview with police, was charged with murder in order to get him to tell the truth, and testified for the prosecution at the murder trial. He was never “acquitted of murder,” because the murder charges against him were quickly dropped when he told the truth about what happened that night. Does anyone think for a minute that Lewis would have been allowed to take that misdemeanor plea if the prosecution believed he was a killer? I’m not justifying Lewis’ actions (there’s no justification for lying to police / obstructing a criminal investigation), just pointing out the facts.

    All of that aside, I applaud Mrs. Welker for her apology. Most people would have waited for the whole thing to blow over…she had the courage to publicly admit she was wrong.

  13. Wren

    She shouldn’t apologize for those comments! I agree 100%! The guy is a loser in life. Just because someone can play football they should not be absolved of crimes. This guy is a straight up p.o.s. Anna was correct in her sarcastic assessment. He certainly should not be considered a “role model”
    Frankly I am disgusted by the way the NFL continues to promote and support criminals. He’s a criminal and a dead beat father, the only example he is setting is what is wrong with American society.

  14. Beach Bum

    She should’ve kept her dumb-@ss mouth shut. Your husband lost a football game – stay on topic! Eoither congratulate the winners or STFU – there’s no need to disparage a player for his personal life simnply because he kicked your hubby’s butt in his professional life. Stay classy – an apparently tall order given her profession and fake rack…

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