08/25/14 (Updated)

Peyton Manning's wife Ashley Manning (and now their twins too)

UPDATE 08/25/2014: Boy, the internet is a funny place.

Take Peyton Manning's wife Ashley Manning for example. Two years ago, it was doom and gloom for the the Manning family, with rumors swirling about an out of marriage relationship coming between them. And two years later, the repeat Super Bowl runner up QB appears as happy as ever in wedded bliss. Peyton Manning, wife Ashley Manning, sons Marshall and Mosley Manning are running strong and have nothing coming between them.

As Peyton's career winds down, it will be interesting to see how life after the game treats the family. But who are we kidding? Fox, ESPN and CBS will be falling over each other to keep him in the booth and around the game forever....

03-12-2012: For some reason, this post is getting some traffic on the alleged affair between Peyton and Angela Buchman. Not sure why it's coming up again at this point, especially considering Peyton is leaving Indy and Buchman actually got engaged in late January to longtime boyfriend Mark Dubec. Check the new photos anyway.

04-08-2011: The Marion County Health Department confirmed that Peyton and Ashley Manning are the proud parents of twins. According to birth certificates on file, Peyton Manning's twins, Marshall Williams Manning and Mosley Thompson Manning, are just over two weeks old, born on March 31. Philadelphia, Miss. newspaper The Neshoba Democrat, the hometown newspaper of Peyton Manning's mother Olivia, broke the story a few days after delivery.

Peyton Manning was introduced to his wife by Ashley's next door neighbor during their Freshman year of college. They were married on St. Patrick's day, 2001.

We've said it before, and we'll say it again now. It is not the agenda of Playerwives to start rumors. We have, however, made it our mission to relate some of the more entertaining rumors we've found out there.

There have been a lot of theories and rumors to support the idea that there are many "open marriages" amongst the ranks of professional athletes. And as has been the case so often, we have found rumors (again, I'll repeat rumors) that suggest that Peyton Manning is cheating on his wife Ashley Manning and is dating local Indianapolis meteorologist Angela Buchman. The theory goes on to say that the Mannings heard about this rumor online and in an effort to throw people off the scent, have invited Ms. Buchman to multiple Manning charity events and public appearances. The rumor continues that Buchman is on the Manning payroll to keep quiet.

From what we hear,.. the payroll isn't the only thing of Peyton's that Ms. Buchman is on.

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79 Responses to “Peyton Manning's wife Ashley Manning (and now their twins too)”

  1. Suzi Robbins

    I sure hope that it isn't true that Peyton is dating Angela. I really admire his wife Ashley....she is a lady of such poise, and dignity, and I feel she is perfect for the outgoing Manning. How do we find out if this rumor is true....it would surely break my heart to think our Peyton would leave his wife over another woman.

  2. mike

    Is this the same woman from the MasterCard TV Ad? They look different.

  3. ColtsFan

    No, Angela Buchman is an Indy local who does the weather on the local TV station. The woman in the MasterCard ad is an actress - can't remember her name. She was in the American Pie movies. Angela Buchman is not famous. She is pretty that is all. My husband thinks she is pretty.

  4. An_Ex

    i have been told that payton and his wife see other people on several occations. they just stay married for media purposes....yes his wife is very attractive...but you should see who Payton has cut his hair @ Studio 459 in Indianapolis....rumord they have "went out" a few times....true or not i cant confirm....but you can find her on myspace....

  5. mij norpac

    Angela Buchman lives in Fortville and goes by her husband's name.
    Get a life, folks.

  6. shelly

    I thought Peyton was dating Kenny Chesney

  7. tyrese

    peyton how did you find such a beautiful wife

  8. Steve Jobs

    ColtsFan said " Angela Buchman is not famous. She is pretty that is all. My husband thinks she is pretty."

    I laughed my butt off... uh, EVERY HUSBAND thinks she is pretty. Mainly because she IS pretty. Pretty is too subtle a word for her looks, though. If you don't know it ladies, Indy men talk a LOT about Angela. The reason I am here at the moment is another 40 something coworker, who is a HUSBAND, was mentioning her, and I found this post/page.

    Have no doubt, or get it out of one's head, that there are few (real/hetero) men that do NOT think Angela is most attractive, and a good deal of that comes from her displayed, public, outgoing personality and attitude.

  9. big moke

    your wife is so sexy why dont yall have kids yet

  10. jason hartman

    how old are you

  11. jason hartman

    how old is your wive

  12. Sizzle

    The Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning will finally be settled once Peyton comes out of the closet.

  13. ColtPack

    Ok, so I came across this, because I was looking something up about Peyton Manning. Anyway here are my thoughts.........mind you I am a Colts fan from Green Bay, Wi, so what goes on in Indy I have no clue, and as far as this Angela person is????? But really Peyton Manning is an AMAZING football player and the only thing people should concern themselves with about him is FOOTBALL!!!! Anything else is not our business. Just a thought!

  14. Missy

    I have been a "Manning" fan since I was a little girl (grew up in the Archie days!). I hope all this talk about Peyton is not true, as all the Mannings are wonderful people. The "First Family of Football" as we would have it!

  15. Linda

    I've heard the same rumor. You don't see Peyton and his wife out hardly ever together. If she is in an open marriage, why bother, just get a divorce and get some of that cash. Staying together for "looking good purposes" is just wrong.

    After I heard this rumor, my feelings for Peytonn having drastically changed, even if he is the best quarterback in the NFL.

    I say shame on you if this is true.

  16. G. Murray

    I too grew up in the Archie era. I was thrilled when Payton (prettyboy) came along. We (wife) was not too pleased with Eli (momma's boy). However, if it turns out that Payton is in fact a prettyboy, it will absolutely devastate me.
    Sayn it ain't so.

  17. julie.s

    i am a big fan of Payton Manning
    and this is my prayer to you and all....sometimes life give you a hard time but God is there to help you with whatever and what may come in your way....God is just a prayer alway.....so for this year rather you are famous or not.....God loves you....and you are the past one on the field....so play hard...and take care and may the Lord continue to bless you and the family....

  18. Eye roller

    Julie, oh please, cut the crap!! And if you're such a fan, at least spell his name correctly.

  19. Mary C

    Get a life!

  20. OLEMISSAlumni

    Peyton 100% has an OPEN MARRIAGE. He has told me himself when I use to party with his brother Eli, at their place which is located in the oxford square above a store. Peyton was inviting girls in 2004 back up to him and the Mannings condo to have some fun and made it very clear that his wife and him had an open marriage. Not only that but Eli also has an open marriage and told some high end escorts this in Vegas when they celebrated Eli's bachelor party. I know abby, Eli's wife and she is fine with an open marriage, its part of marrying into the Mannings. Also just because they have these open relationships doesn't make them bad guys, they just have big ego's and think they deserve to do whatever they please. It does bother me that out of all the times I would hang out with Eli when I went to Ole Miss with him, that when Peyton was in town he would never ever EVER bring around his wife...seems kind of odd to keep your wife a secret???

  21. Fred

    Why chastize Peyton if Ashley enjoys the same benefits of this supposedly open marriage? I for one do not believe any of this crap and for those of you in Indpls who don't have a serious crush on Angela; well,guess what-you're gay!

  22. shocked

    Don't you guys have anything better to do but to try and destroy someone's marriage...none of us know them personally so how could you know what goes on in their marriage?

  23. Mike

    Well, open marriage or not, congrats to Ashley and Peyton on the birth of their twins Marshall and Mosely!!! It will be cool for them to grow up the same age as Eli's daughter.

  24. kat

    My, MY. envy certainly can be cruel. This family is one for everyone to envy.. I do not believe your trash about open marriages at all. These boys and their family are all Christians and I do not believe any of them would do what you're gossiping about. I wish them all the luck in the world with their new babies. Why would you want to say such horrible things about them? Get a life and stop trying to ruin decent marriages with your trashy ideas.

  25. Regilynn Brissette

    congrats to peyton and ashley, eli and abby. how low to even suggest such horrible accusations. shame.

  26. J

    Buchman is married with a child.......mannings child or it makes sense 2 people are married and had kids in a closed relationship with their own spouses.....

  27. John

    Lol. Peyton wouldn't mess around on his wife with Angela Buchman. She's avg looking at best. I don't think she would anyway. Crazy rumors. Nice for everyone to help build them by passing them on. Jokes.

  28. feeling compelled

    I can't take these crazy rumors anymore. It was once rumored that Ashley Manning was having an affair with AJ Foyt IV because she was seen with him. The truth is that Casey Irsay and Ashley Manning are friends and Casey Irsay is MARRIED to AJ Foyt IV. As for hairdressers at local salons, please people what a better place to have rumors fly for publicity. Think people! The Mannings are so private that we haven't even seen their children, yet you think they would be so open as to let marital infidelities out to the public without discrection. PLEASE!!!

  29. missg

    Lmao are you serious.. she is dating BIG FOOT and has. been for years. And peyton has been seen kicking it with BETTY freakin BOOP...... or was that betty white! Anywho please get a life.....

  30. indie

    It is sad to say, but OLEMISSALUMNI is right on- Peyton definitely has all the women he wants. I am from Terre Haute, where the Colts used to have their training camp. Peyton would be out at the local bars and point to girls, and some of his handlers would rally the girls and take them to him. Not gossip. 100% truth.

  31. get real

    OLEMISSALUMNI - for the record, Eli didn't even go to Vegas for his bachelor party. Try checking your facts before posting something like that on a blog.

  32. Dixie

    I think this is all a bunch of garbage, what they do or don't do is no ones
    business but thiers. so what is the big debate but a lot of gossip. I'm not a colts fan but have always been a Peyton fan even when he was in college.

  33. Joy

    Angela Buchman is a Meteorologist with WISH-TV in Indianapolis. She is married with two children. I doubt she is involved with anyone but her husband. Instead of spreading rumors, why not check out the facts before printing anything?

  34. Clifford

    Plan and simple Payton keep up the good work.

  35. Jane

    Even if they do have an open marriage, if they're both happy, then who are we to judge? That's their business.

  36. Steeler Fan

    who cares

  37. stupidhurts13

    i googled the angela broad, and saw some pics, she has the kind of face that i wouldnt mind paying a dollar to kick. shes gotthe crazy eyes, and id hate to see her without makeup.

  38. John

    All of you who posted here have way too much time on your hands.

  39. justme

    I don't know how some of you really feel.
    PEYTON, not Payton or Paytonn, come on.
    The son of PEYTON has been seen on tv with him.
    I do not remember ever seeing the daughter.
    Remember, judge not.....
    Oh and stop talking like you know these people.
    Some of you PEYTON or anyone else afore mentioned persons wouldn't have anything to do with you.

  40. Bewildered

    Good Lord, people! Get his name right - It's PEYTON. And...who cares what they do with their personal life!

  41. Dr Maurice Ritchot

    Whether or not this all makes sense, is not the point at hand. It is do they have an open marriage?, If they both do have an open marriage, as well as Eli, then there is nothing to quarrle about....It seems that all those interested parties are not negating this...

    If Ego's need to be stroked by having an open marriage, then why be married to begin with...Peyton and Eli, I am sure they could do well on their own and not being married.

    I hope that these great twins are not affected too much by all of this. It must be difficult to explain to others and their formative years, could hardly be wisked away.

    Think Twice, and Act Once....Doc

  42. Confused

    After reading all of this I'm confused. So did Angela Buchman have Peyton Manning's twins or did Eli Ashley have Angela Buchman's twins ???

  43. Robin

    Really people? You are talking about a guy who is very private when it comes to his personal life. You rarely get personal stories about him. Just by virtue of that fact, don't you think if stuff like this were happening, women would be coming out of the woodwork, trying to get a piece of his very large pie?This is a rumor, probably started by someone who for whatever reason, has a problem with Peyton. Maybe he beat someone and they retaliated by trying to sully his name. Whatever the reason for the rumor, it is just not believable. There is just no reason to believe it. If there were women coming forward and saying theses things happened, it would have more validity, but the fact that none of that has happened makes this just a stupid rumor. This is not only the best Quarterback to ever play the game, but also one of the nicest guys around. No one ever bad mouths this guy. No one ever has a bad word to say about him, so why perpetrate this stupid rumor?

  44. Manning's biggest fan

    Peyton manning is a wonderful player he's always good to watch, anyways ya'll need to keep your mouth shut his marriage is going fine he is a handsome man but he would never intentionally hurt his wife and plus why should you all care it's his life just focuse on his playing not his love life

  45. nck

    If someone has the opportunity to make MILLIONS simply because people are interested in him, then he or she is FAIR GAME for gossip.........can't have it all good or no bad.

  46. Mike

    It's perfectly natural for men to want to be with many beautiful women (see "Coolidge Effect"), but most mens' options with women are limited, so men agree to a closed marriage. Peyton's wife is apparently ok enough with their arrangement, since she is still with him. So talking about it only makes it harder on her, since most folks just don't understand the realities of being with a man with virtually unlimited options. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Brett Favre, Dan Marino, Bill Clinton... I believe all of these mens' wives still want to be with them, but it's the publicity that makes it so difficult for the wife to stay.

  47. bob

    bye but

  48. bob


  49. mary

    Privacy is one thing - secrecy another!The fact that he is NEVER seen with Ashley is what leads to and starts all these rumors! If there is nothing to hide in their marriage why hide her and the children? Additionally, the fact that we have seen Peyton with Marshall but no sign of Mosley leads me to think his women are secondary citizens to him! I have also seen recent pics of him with a blond that does NOT look like Ashley unless she has radically changed her look!

  50. Debbie Pennington

    I had been looking for new Peyton Manning wallpaper for my laptop after previously posting a comment on FB about the Pre-Season football games coming up in about 10 weeks and pouring out my heartfelt love and admiration for Peyton as the greatest QB to ever play the game. I also posted comments of my many treasured memories of Peyton for nearly the past 20 years which I believe is coming up in 2014.

    Moving to TN from Charleston, SC, I had been a life long Gamecocks fan, even though winning has never been easy for tbem. So when I first began watching UT football, it was surreal and exciting, like the feeling of love at first sight!

    This amazing athlete who had certainly been robbed of the Heisman Trophy at that time became the new QB reminesent of the Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman and John Elway excellence I have respected in my nearly life long love of Pro-Football as I was a Dallas fan for at least 15 years and then a Broncos fan in the late 80's, early 90's, and of course, since then, a diehard Indy and Denver fan .

    Somehow last night, my internet search led me to this site when a thought of Peyton's two year old twins came to mind and I had not seen photo of them in well over a year. To say this page and the stuff I read was disheartning does not nearly describe the feelings that brought tears to my eyes as I read the filthy trash.

    Despite this, I want you, Ashley, and the whole Manning family to know I choose to keep believing that you and Peyton are blessed with a wonderful marriage filled with a deep love and admiration for each other and your two beautiful children.

    I also choose to believe Peyton has a deep loyalty to you and his family and is a man of utmost integrity and honesty who does not take his God given talent and blessings lightly and for his loyal and life long fans and the young QBs of tomorrow who see Peyton as a mentor for their life and dream of one day having a career as Peyton does, he would not disappoint.

    My blood will continue to run orange and blue and I will continue to have a deep love for and faith in truly the best QB to ever play the game.

    May we be Super Bowl bound in 2013!! GO BRONCOS!!!

  51. VolColt

    Did she move to Denver? I have not seen her with him at all when he goes out.

  52. cowboys rule

    first off Peyton is NOT the greatest quarterback of all time. If indeed he has an open marriage what the HELL is wrong with him? If you think you need more than one woman in your life when you're married, well you're really needy or an idiot. I vote he's an idiot. I don't care about the mannings, extra marrital affairs are wrong under any and all circumstances!

  53. All for the manning brothers

    Man lets focus on players skills who cares who or what they are doing in there personal life love the game and dont hate fools!!!

  54. darlene b veuleman

    Dear Mr. .& Mrs. PEYTON MANNING,
    congratulations on the new additions ,How blessed is your family making your parents grams and papas again . well forget all the junk that's being said about your private life .private life is just what it says inquiring minds need to take a look at their own life before they start inquiring into others private lives. Enough said but as for the game this weekend . Payton Thank you and the make a wish foundation for giving my grandson his wish is to meet greet and to tell you he is your biggest fan! Harrison Dean Veuleman is a special boy that was born early with MS and we love him dearly if you could please send him autograph picture for me and his father William .We would love to have a color photo of you and him ,Harrison does not walk without the aids of braces and wheel chair but his mind is sharp as a whip and he is A student and his brother Nicholas is too. He is your number 1 colts fan . good luck on the game and dedicated 1 td to your kids and 1 to him . thank you signed his grandmother Darlene .
    Bless your children and teach them well so they will grow up the way you and your wife wants them too. note to all those stay out of private issues leave them to alone respect their privacy .

  55. Kukolka

    PM's wife looks and sounds like a very nice Christian lady. Both of them donate ton of money to charities. There are more important things in her life than bothering with his indiscretions. Anyway at his age and physical shape now a days he would rather rest than screw around. His party life is very close to finish, just like his QB career. I do hope he keeps his celebrity status and becomes a football talking head. I would love to see his giant bumpy head on my TV in the future. Sexy... Kind of :D

  56. Janeth

    I ended up on this site quite by accident, and I cannot believe what BS I've read. Grant it, I'm sure Peyton isn't the altar boy he's made out to be, but I seriously doubt a guy who's been with the same lady since before college would suddenly begin fooling around with a Weather Channel reject. I even Googled this Angela chick, she looks average at best, but she has a psycho gleam in her eyes. Doubtful Peyton would pass over his gorgeous and intelligent wife Ashley for a roll with the likes of her. Time for a reality check, morons. Just leave them alone, if you can't say anything decent about them, then just shut the F up and go and make fun of the KarTrashians...

  57. jim

    Although i will agree payton is one is the best quarterbacks out there. When he get hit,he cries like a baby. Manup payton.

  58. Lisa

    I too stumbled onto this link. I am a huge Peyton Manning fan. In following his career with the Colts and now with the Broncos I have read a lot about his neck injuries and his struggle to return to football. He has gone on record as saying that he himself was not sure if his career was over, and he came to have a peace with retiring when he became a father. During the year of recovery he and his wife became even closer. Read the Washington Post article about his neck surgeries. This man is nothing but an inspiration to everyone. Greatness is not necessarily defined by how many Super Bowls you have one. He is a great man because he never gave up. He is also a family man, like his father was. His family means as much to him as football. This open marriage stuff is pure crap. He is a Christian man with true Christian values. I'm not saying that ALL Christians don't have affairs, but I think Peyton walks the walk. His father was an amazing role model in terms of being a father and husband and I know Peyton wishes to be the kind of man his father is. Peyton is a class act on and off the playing field...and yes, he is the greatest Quarter Back of all time because of how he conducts himself on and off the field.

  59. Rachel

    Closer? I read this article months ago and all is said is that they played catch together. This couple is definitely separated but the PR people drop little hints to fool people like you into believing they are a perfect, happy couple. Just look at all the facts: they are never seen together, near denial of birth of children, the wife supposedly donated money to charity but does not show up at the presentation. If he supposedly loved this woman like you believe as a Christian man, he would speak of her in glowing terms which I have yet to see.

  60. Connie

    manning's first name is spelled PEYTON
    saint's coach is Shawn PAYTON

    ya'll talk about somebody and you can't even spell their name. Jesus,get it right

  61. Sean Payton

    Connie you are correct his name is spelled PEYTON, but I spell my name SEAN.

  62. Tom

    My friend is a nurse at an Indianapolis hospital. She is a very smart woman and doesn't b.s. She told me that Peyton has been there to visit kids on numerous occasions. Great guy spending time with those poor kids. But...... My friend said Peyton hits on her EVERY time he is there. Did I mention that my friend is very good looking? Where there is smoke, there is most certainly fire!!!

  63. Joan terrell

    This maybe crazy,but at 80yrs old and never a football fan, my hubby
    gets a kick out my finally wanting to learn the game and all because of that beautiful PEYTON. I for one would never believe all these rumor mongrels. Watching game against Raiders and Dish TV not letting us see second half...truly suc's. Peyton set two more records in first half. Oh well,live in Washington state and hope Broncos vs Seahawks in Superbowl ... I would still be fathful to Peyton.would give anything to be able to go to one of Peyton's games.love this genius

  64. Joan terrell

    Hang onto your man Ashley,you arebavery lucky lady! Congrwish

    ats on your twins. More beautiful Mannings on this planet, what a privilege!

    Love to u both and wish could live longer to see Peyton's son on the football field. Wonderful family!!!

  65. Lily hekimian

    He did a fantastic job!

  66. Sherri

    For the record Elli had his bachelor party in Biloxi, Mississippi. I was there. And all I have to say is Peyton was a perfect gentleman. I talked with him for twenty minutes. HUMBLE HUMBLE HUMBLE!!! Best twenty minutes of my life!!!! The Mannings are a class act. Very respectful family. I like Elli but I LOVE my PEYTON. Colts are my team and Peytons my man. I only wear one number 18. Go PEYTON!!!!

  67. CR

    Just throw the ball to Sherman's corner, pleez, so we can see if Sherman is the best. If you don't, that says he probably is.

    Congrats on a great season and another Super Bowl trip.

    And yes people, I know Peyton Manning won't see this ever. So what?

    Just throw at Sherman, OK?

  68. Sammy Santos

    I'm proud of Peyton's accomplishments. I truly think that the good Lord has blessed him, and given him this kind of talent. I hope & pray that he uses it to give God the glory because it's He who blessed him with it.

  69. Joyce Fishel

    With all due respect to the Manning family as they deserve. Ashley, I wish you and your family the best. I live in the New Orleans area and I wish all the best for you, Peyton and your beautiful boys. there are to many people in this world that only strive on gossip. When people have a miserable life they seek to try too wish misery on everyone else. God speed to a wonderful family.

  70. Anne in Inday

    Okay...I live in Indianapolis, and work at Lucas Oil stadium during the Colts games. My job is to stand outside the Manning suite and keep people from going in. The last home game in 2010 was in late December and at that time, Ashley Manning, if she was truly pregnant, would have been in her 6th month with twins. She and Peyton's mom, Olivia would come in and out of their suite during the game. Ashley could not have been 6th months pregnant. She was skinny as a rail and had a flat tummy. Since no one was around when those babies were born, many people in Indy think they had a surrogate. Had to have.

    As for Angela Buchman....the reason men in Indianapolis consider her to be pretty is because so has so little competition. Most Hoosier women, including the socialites in Indianapolis are flat out dogs. Ugly, ugly, homely and don't know how to dress. There are so few attractive women in this city, that when one comes along who is 1/2 way cute, she stands out....that's Angela.

    There have been open marriage rumours about the Mannings for years around here. Another story is that Ashley was caught on video camera feeling some guy's crotch during a charity dinner. Many people at the stadium saw that.

    I'm glad the Broncos lost, so now maybe the whole family will go away and take their sweet magnolias with them.. Go live up the road with the Duck Dynasty.

  71. [...] Peyton manning’s wife ashley manning (and now their twins Photos and information about peyton manning’s wife ashley manning (and now their twins too). [...]

  72. Clare

    Mosely is a girl, not a boy

  73. gg


    Please take the time to make appearances with your husband and twins. Stop being so reclusive. It creates gossip. I would prefer not to believe what is written on this website. I do believe, however, that your twins were surrogates. Why so much deception? You need to rejoice for all that you have been given...a great husband... adorable twins...life is good... but maybe you are not good for Peyton.

  74. Marah shrader

    Payton, my a is a HUGE fan. Literaly he loves hw you throw a foot ball!!!!!!

    Robert Shraer ismy dad. well thats his name any ways. If you could say his namee on TV that wou be amazing espeicaly since his birth day is coming up.Thatwul be the BEST prsnt he evergot!!!!!!!!!!! Besies meting you, now that would be really cool!!!!!! THANK YOU PAYTON MANNING !!!!!!!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MARIAH SHRADER

  75. Marah shrader

    Sorry I spelled something wrong .What i was saying is ......My dad is a HUGEfan . Literaly he love how you throw a football. !!!!!!!!!!!! Robert Shrader is my dads name . IF you could sayhis name on TV that woul be Great . since his birth dayn is coming up . THat would be the BEST presnt ever Beies meting you . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THANK YOU PAYTON MANNING ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MARIAH SHRADER

  76. peyton manning fan

    hi peyton you are an awesome football player my whole family are huge fans

  77. peyton manning fan

    you are a great football player peyton!!!!

  78. Linda DePoy

    Well, I never thought , being a mother of 5 and one stepson,that I would ever do this(typing) on the computer. These two people have been wonderful role-models.The life they have had to live, is unbelievable..to be in the public eye, is that! Married to a coach(Indiana) for 26 years was only the people living it, knows! I wish them well and may God Bless them and the children....Your parents have done a wonderful job, with all you boys!

  79. Roland

    Im A Peyton Manning Fan Been For Years,And I never ever saw seen his Wife ASHLEY. Ive been A Fan since His Father was playing for N O Saints and this rumor is puzzling.

    Roland Scott