Pat Bowlen’s wife Annabel Bowlen


  1. Jon

    Joan Rivers took a look at her and said “ENOUGH!” She makes Nicole Kidman look human. If she tried to smile she would crack her face. I couldn’t imagine even wanting to kiss her duck lips

  2. Sam LaTona

    Fear Mrs Bowlen
    My condolences and prayer thoughts on the news of your husband. But I am writing to offer suggestions to help with well being. I do health coaching for a living and that includes research on any and all successful therapies of any kind. I have a background in biochemistry and microbiological science. And I am also trained in psychology.

    Search Dr Mary Newport and what she did to reverse her husband’s Alzheimer’s. Next look into orthomolecular medicine which focuses on diet and nutrition. These docs are in Canada. Much can be reversed. Let me know if I can be of further help
    Sam LaTona, MS,MSW

  3. NYB

    Sad then, Sam, that with all your education and letters after your name you can’t check your spelling before posting a comment. What a sad, pathetic attempt at boosting your pitiful business — doubtless some probiotic pseudo-science bullshit– on the back of a family struggling with the devastating effects of this horrible disease. Find a rock and crawl back under it.

  4. Dan

    It’s sad when you see women so eager to look young that they go under the knife so much that the results are far far worse than natural aging. Ms Bowlen is one such women, sad and she has no clue how bad her plastic surgery results look which is sadder yet.

    Ladies just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Grow old gracefully and be proud of your age. Stop trying to look like someone you no longer are.

  5. kelly p

    Gez, I looked at her face and it was scary. In her defense, she sees her face daily and probably doesn’t realize how monsterous it looks. Someone needs to intervene. She is in denial if she thinks she doesn’t have a problem. More is not always good.

  6. Tom

    All I was looking for was information on her and Pat, and get the scoop on her plastic surgeries. If she wanted it, she can live with it. I found out her husband has Alzheimers, and that is sad no matter how she looks.

  7. jamie lorber

    she is freaky looking. Way too much plastic. If she dies who would make the decision to bury. or recycle her. She is right up there with michael jackson. Thats saying a lot. Scary,scary,scary.

  8. Jennifer PK

    I think we as women cannot win. If a woman gives in to the pressure of looking younger she is labelled vain and pathetic; however if she chooses to age gracefully she then has let herself go and looks old. It is truly a sad situation, and we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

  9. Richard a LaPierre

    There are some ignorant people in this world,hurtful and shameless I was if you can’t say anything nice,don’t say anything at all

  10. Jan stevenson

    Amazing that people can be so mean! If you can’t say anything nice , don’t say anything at all. Annabel needs to do what she wants to do to make her happy. . I personally think she’s beautiful inside & out . Prayers with you Annabel , caring for your husband with this terrible diease .

  11. JA

    Can’t believe how cruel people can be. Why not just keep it to yourself? None of us know what she is going through, has gone through, or will go through. She is not a kickball. She is a real person. Social media comments are the real monsters.

  12. rose

    No one is trying to be mean. We are speaking the truth. I am 64 and I thought when I saw her that she was 10 years or more older than me…when I read she was in her early 60’s I was shocked. I have never been under the knife and why would I if it makes you look so bad? She looks dog ugly…and she chooses to be in the limelight…they have children who could take over,,,,she needs to call it a day….and from the looks of her face, she should call it a long day.

  13. TC

    Very sad that everyone is commenting on her plastic surgeries than the charitable work she does! Who cares about what she looks like.. You all should be ashamed of yourself and so should the author of this article. You call that journalism??!!! Very sad indeed

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