07/23/13 (Updated)

John Elway's Wife Paige Green

Former Denver Broncos Quarterback and current Executive Vice President, John Elway's wife Paige Green is a former Oakland Raiders cheerleader. Elway was formerly married to Janet Elway but the couple were divorced in 2003 after being married for eighteen years. John and Paige first met at a golf tournament in 2005, just two years after Elway's divorce.

Elway and Paige Green didn't start dating until two years after the golf tournament when he saw her an in infomercial and contacted her. After he proposed in Venice, Italy, John Elway and Paige Green were married in August of 2009 at Elway's estate in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

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6 Responses to “John Elway's Wife Paige Green”

  1. Danny V

    Are you the Paige Greene that used to be in ACN. I believe so. This is Danny V

  2. Mary Jo Lyman

    Hi Paige
    I'm a big fan of your husband John I livid in Aurora Co during the years John played Quarterback I'm still a big fan of his & the Broncos, I live in Buffalo, NY 4 yes ago I took my husband out to Denver he had never been we adopted a kitten & we named him Elway,Please let John know I'm still such a big fan of his & so happy he is with the Broncos Organization so happy that the Broncos brought on board Peyton Manning.
    Have a great day Go Broncos!!! :)
    Mary Jo Lyman

  3. Sandy Krug

    Hello Janet
    I would like you to pass along a message to John. My husband and I watched him play football at Granada Hills High School, even after our daughter and son graduated we never missed one of Johns games. I remember him working at Baskin Robbins near our house too. He is amazing and we have been Bronco fans since he went to play in Denver. My husband passed away two years ago but I am taking his place in his recliner to root for my Broncos in today's Super Bowl game. Tell him hello from one of his earliest fans.
    God Bless you ( you are very pretty) and your family
    Sandy Krug

  4. robert gettman

    there is a grocery store in Hudson co. for sale at 1.2 million can you loan me the money?

  5. Prairie Chicken

    hmmm - i'm sure you are a great person, but I can't get over the fact that you were a RAIDERETTE? Isn't that blasphemous of John to do this??? I hope you pledged allegiance to the Broncos before you got involved with him.
    Just having fun... I wish the best to both of you.

  6. steven elbeck

    I would like to say God bless you and your family. I was born and raised in Denver
    I joined the marines in 82 I grew up loving the broncos my dad took me to games in the 70s our family loves john Elway and we hope and pray your marriage will last forever in the loving arms of Jesus