Gary Kubiak’s wife Rhonda Kubiak


  1. Leonard Bashinski

    Hello Rhonda. Let me introduce myself. I am the son of Clem and Verna Bashinski of Bremond. Gary’s grandmother and my grandmother were sisters. I have followed Gary’s NFL career and was so happy that Houston hired him. Even though we live in Virginia my whole family,including grandchildren,are fans and supporters of the Texans. My wife laughs at me because I am always talking about Gary and bragging about him. I feel that us Pollocks have to stick together, haha. Please tell Gary how proud we are of his success and we hope that you both continue to do well. You and Gary have a beautiful family. The best to all of you.
    Leonard Bashinski

  2. jean

    Hello, Rhonda, prayers for your husband, Gary and all of your family. Your work is to be commended. Who are your parents and Gary’s parents? I am wondering if they were at St. Pius X on or before the dates I attended that school.

  3. John Bennett

    Just wanted to let you know that we still care deeply for you and Gary. Debbie Whatley, my wife, and Terry, her brother always have good memories to share. There will be better times ahead for the two of you. Even though setbacks are hard to swallow at the time, there is always a Godly reason for them. You two are good folks and we know there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Our prayers are with you and your family. God Bless.

  4. Gale

    Let us know where you are headed next Gary! Hated to see it end this way, but there are only 2 kinds of coaches in the NFL as Bum used to say- “Them that has been fired or going to be fired”.

  5. Betsy

    To Rhonda, the world’s best pie maker. Hope you’ve switched from Crisco to oatmeal, coconut and graham cracker crusts. A crumbly cinnamon crust works for apple pie. Grandma Kaminski’s famous pecan pie is still our family favorite. Happy that you guys are back in Denver. Wish that we were as well. Miss it! All my best wishes for all good things for you and Gary. Enjoy the Rocky Mountains.

  6. Roddy Murray

    Hi Rhonda. My brother, Scott and I played sports at MD Anderson YMCA at the same time as Gary. I think I am 3 years older than Gary, and Scott is 2 years older. I remember spending many hours playing with Gary at the Y, and also at the Kubiak’s house, or at ours. We moved away from Houston in 1970 after our Dad died. My Grandmother, Willie Mae Murray lived on Moody Street, and we last spoke with Gary during a visit probably around 1979 or 1980.

    I unsuccessfully tried to congratulate Gary when he became the Texans coach. I don’t do social media, so I thought this might work to try to congratulate Gary on this occasion. I live in Austin with my wife Nancy. I think Gary would remember me, so if you get this message, will you send it along to Gary? Thank you, Roddy Murray.

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