Demaryius Thomas’ mom Katina Smith & grandmother Minnie Thomas


  1. Shadavia Thomas

    I don’t care how anyone label my mother Minnie Thomas and my sister Karina Smith reguardless of whatever they were still good parents so o well!!!!!!


    Stay strong keep your heads up cause only God will judge us a family that prays together will always love and stay together mother love thy son and son please love your mother as well your grandmother God didn’t bring yall this far for nothing so do right by him and everything else’s will be all right.remember only he can judge us.with much love and sincere.SABRINADAVIS…

  3. Tanya Anderson

    Your story is heartfelt and warming at the same I’m happy for the outcome it could have been worse i believe that everything happens for a reason that we(people) don’t understand at the time but it’s important that we learn from them and thank god you guys understand that family first is a serious thing I’m happy that your son turned out find and learned from experience may god continue to bless your family even though your difficult times and continue to love and support your mother she’s a lovable person just tried to help those she loved ily from a distance take care and enjoy life when you’re released.

  4. Richard Dunn

    Hopefully this e60 will change A lot of parents and and the lives they live around their kids! Everyone deserves a second chance!
    Stay positive!

  5. RENEE

    The justice system tried to strip the root from this family by taking the grandmother and mother… We aRe more than CAGES.. We are more than ONE person… Family is EVERYTHING… Enjoy these years Thomas family… A presins path can be slowed by actions but DESTINY still has a way of manifesting…. much love to the family… America is not afraid of our men and women still thriving after so many barriers and injustices… rapist and murderers get less time than street entrepreneur… SO one can only make money how EHEM…. says you can….. I applaud the aunt and uncle and everyone that loved this young man… may he make you proud… forget the haters… they don’t look like you anyway… lol

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