Jon Kitna’s wife Jeni Kitna


  1. Curtis Eccles

    Not sure who will actually read this, but I worked with Jon several years ago at Stottlemyre Baseball Camp in Yakima…..Teacher and Coach now, just wanted to get in touch….

    Curtis Eccles

  2. tamara long

    Hello Jennifer-this is tamara long. The parent at Lincoln High School-i worked briefly with the football team-tutoring spanish. I also helped you serve dinner to the players and met your mother-in-law. My daughter alleyjah played with your son and daughter. I would really like to speak with you.. I WORK WITH CHRONICALLY OBESE-YOUTH. My non-profit business is called “PHATT KIDZ Clubhouse. (Physically,Healthy,Active-Teens and Toddlers).

  3. Sheila Ortman

    Hello Jennifer,

    I have been reading your story and how Jon changed his life and how he wants to help troubled youth. My husband and I run a boys ranch “Lives Under Construction” in Lampe, Missouri and we would love for you and your husband to join us one evening for a meal. Afterwards it would be awesome if Jon could give his testimony. We are a privately funded and Christian run Boys Ranch. We do not take in money from the state because we have Bible Study for our boys and we pray before meals and the state would not fund such events.

    Thanks for your time. If you want to reach out and help look for us on the internet ( or send me a note in the mail at: 296 Boys Ranch Rd, Lampe, MO 65681

    Sheila Ortman
    (Mother of a huge Seahawk and Kitna fan)

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