Dak Prescott’s Girlfriend Dallas Nicole Parks


  1. Guest Star

    Prescott is dating THIS bubbleheaded bottle blond golddigger? Good grief. Black dudes and their brainwashed desire for white girls – ugh! It’s like ANY bottom-of-the-barrel chick will do so long as she’s caucasian…

  2. inez

    Dak, ditch the bitch!!!! yes she’s beautiful but just because she is doesn’t mean she’s all that. Focus on you and your career when the time is right the woman you are supposed to be with will come along. You have a good head on your shoulders don’t let pussy fuck it up for you. You worked to hard to get where you are at. The old saying that has always stuck true ( thanks in part to my grandma) if it looks like a duck,quakes like a duck,it’s a duck. Putting all that shit On social media for the whole world to see and then lying is fucked up man and you know it. You deserve better then that!She seems like a person who sitts and waits for the bigger and better deal to present themselves. Wait until you have a shitty season see if she is still around. I know you are still young yet give it awhile you will see what I am talking about in a couple years(hopefully sooner then that). You have mad skills and will go far in life either on or off the field 😀 you are an amazing young man keep doing what you are doing 😇 go cowboys!!!!!

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