09/16/11 (Updated)

Scott Fujita's wife Jaclyn Fujita

The two began dating in college, and were married while they were both still in school. The two were married July 17, 1999. Together they have twin daughters, Isabelle and Delilah.

Jaclyn Stiles

Jaclyn competed on the ESPN the Magazine's segment "For love or the game," in which an athlete's wife and teammate square off to see who knows him better. Jaclyn squared off against Saints Charles Grant, answering questions about Fujita. Jaclyn crushed Grant in the contest, 4-0 (out of five questions), including knowing that Brett Favre is his favorite quarterback to sack.

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    Agree as well. I like your blog because it's about OSU srpots. I go other places for politics. Comments like How badly does Paul Ryan not want my vote right now? are why I'm not coming here for political commentary. Come on, you are seriously going to go with the other candidate because Ryan doesn't know the rookie QB for one of the worst teams in the NFL. I seriously hope there is more that goes into your decision in such a serious matter.