Joe Haden’s Wife Sarah Haden


  1. Jon

    Nice – but am I the only one who thinks she loos a little like Kim Lard-Trash-Ian? She isn’t as fat, isn’t as makeup and photoshop enhanced, isn’t as ugly – but does slightly resemble the no-talent ugly whore Kim, right?

  2. Beach Bum

    I’m with you, larry q – I’m like, WTF? Are Black dudes really THIS THIRSTY for white chicks? I don’t get it. Dirk Nowitzki is scooping these gorgeous beauty queens while the ‘brothas’ chase after fake babrbie/Kim K. knockoffs. Geez…

  3. Respect my name

    She should change her name to his. She wants the privileges of being his wife, and everything that goes with it (money, fame, etc.) then she needs to respect him and his name and take his name. You new

  4. Respect my name

    I agree with Larry q. These new breed of brothers don’t seem to be able to find a beautiful sister in these United States. It truly amazes me and disappoints me at the same time. What a SHAME!!!

  5. Archie Harper, Jr.

    She is persian!!! Middle Eastern…..and not of Eurpoean ancestry. She is closer to being black, moorish, than white. She isn’t white. She has melanin. He married who he loved, in the end. Race was not a factor.

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