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Colt McCoy's wife Rachel McCoy

UPDATE: 06/07/2011: Well Mrs. McCoy may have pointed the NCAA investigators directly at Mack Brown and Texas.
On Tuesday, June 7, Rachel called in to ESPN Radio's The Herd with host Colin Cowherd to discuss amongst other things, the benefits athlete's are given behind the NCAA's back, and the gifts boosters give to football players. Among some of the more interesting comments,

"At Texas you’re taught to take absolutely nothing, I don’t care if it’s a hot dog or soda.
But you’ve got guys, grown adult men with law degrees – educated men – what are they going to gain out of this? It’s to say, ‘Hey, I bought so and so dinner, hey I took so and so to do this’ … It’s grown men and their pride.
You cannot expect 19-20 year old kids to say no to free stuff when they’re in college … It’s hard, I think, for a lot of these guys to even know to say, ‘I can take this, I can’t take this, nobody’s going to know, will someone find out?’Things that could be handed to you that seem so minor – a dinner, a hunt, a fishing trip – most kids don’t even realize are illegal."

Boy, leave it to a Baylor track star to potentially take down the mighty Texas. You can imagine there will be plenty more to come.

**Radio transcript credit to TheBigLead.com

June 15, 1987 in Los Angeles, CA

Rachel was a track athlete at Baylor University, competing in 400 m hurdles according to her bio page. Rachel has worked for and appeared on Austin, TX CBS affiliate covering local sports.

The two were engaged on January 12, 2010, when Colt brought Rachel onto the field after a game at Texas Memorial Stadium. As Rachel was led onto the field in front of Colt, she was greeted by a jumbotron message of "Will You Marry Me." She turned around to find Colt on one knee waiting for her response.
The couple was married July 17, 2010. At the nuptials, Colt's former teammate and roomate (and current Cincinnati Bengal) Jordan Shipley, serenaded the couple with a "When I Grow Up I Want To Be Just Like Colt McCoy."

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10 Responses to “Colt McCoy's wife Rachel McCoy”

  1. Greg waterhouse

    I had the opportunity to meet Rachel during a flight to Cleveland recently. ..I didn't realize for some time who she was due to the fact she is very down to earth and humble. She looks nearly identical to my fiance and their personalities are identical. .
    She like my Tiffany are a delight to talk with. .. only after some conversation and my thought process did I realize who I was talking to. .lol. I mean for goodness sake we were sitting coach and when I asked her if she was from Cleveland she responded "no but my husband just got a job there " LOL Yeah he sure did! !!!! I've admired colt his entire career being a Texas native myself. ..the man defines determination and leader. .. the I am second video is exactly what makes me wish nothing but the best for him and also Rachel. ...I was happy to see that he makes her glow when she spoke of him. ..i loved the fishing story she told me of when colt and jarod are hanging out like they are brothers best wishes and good luck to them both. ...it was a pleasure to have met her. .god bless them both. ..

  2. Anonymous

    Please stop before I throw up on myself.

  3. Joey

    Greg Waterhouse is full of crap!

  4. Patricia

    Gosh what a couple of haters! Can you not be happy for people? I can't imagine Rachel anything BUT gracious. Thanks for a wonderful story Greg!

  5. Lauren

    Yea...I'm sure she is nice, but I cant stand Colt McCoy. By the way that second picture is of Sarah Michelle Gellar.

  6. Seabee

    So Lauren, you know mr McCoy personally? Is that correct? He did something to offend you?

  7. aggieboy

    I am from GA, but I do like Texas A&M and I kinda think Colt marrying Rachel was kind of like a non- verbal smack in A&M's face

  8. Anonymous

    Very pretty lasy, knows how things work with important athletes. Texas Steer shirt looks great on her. Too bad they had to leave Cleveland-never had a chance with the idiot coach that got him hurt.

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  10. Thomas Dupnick

    I've been a Texas fan for as long as I can remember & I'm 49. I just found out earlier that Colt has been named the starter for Sunday's game against Indy. So I googled Colt & saw that he's married to you. I'm very happy for y'all & from what I've read about you, Colt made a fine choice. Even though Dallas is my favorite team, I'm rooting for Colt & hope he wins the starting job permanently. He certainly deserves it. If he wouldn't have gotten hurt in the championship game against Alabama, I know we would've won. I wish y'all the best.