Terrell Owens’ girlfriend Jessica White


  1. Rico

    Since the person who runs this sites seems to not want to give props to anything but skinny, blond, and/or fair skinned females, I will. She is a gorgeous woman, and the best looking wife on here.

  2. Lynne Maria

    you two are just jealeous. typical african women. he can date and marry who he chooses. its females like you that creat animosity between races. grow up!

  3. Milena

    I agree that not all white is great and I noticed that blacks don.t stick together as much as they should so if I see a couple and it is black it is a wonderful thing and in these days it is rare that.s what makes it more of a special occasion. Black is beutiful so don’t let anyone ever change that route. I am not black but I will support T.O. decision if he continues to want to date a black strong woman.

  4. McNabb

    TO should continue to date white women and treat them like dog sh.t and leave
    black women alone. Spare them the hell that is TO. What did they ever do to him to make him want to punish them.

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