AJ McCarron’s mother Dee Dee Bonner


  1. Vinnie

    What a knockout! Being from Pennsylvania I’ve never been a fan of Alabama or the SEC until now. Remember some great Penn State vs Alabama matchups. Would have rooted for Bama with lookers like this and will root for them from now on. Made me watch the blowout until the end just hoping for one more glimpse. Love to see you in Pittsburgh sometime. “Roll Tide”!

  2. Bruce McLeod, Jr.

    Dee Dee, an apology was not needed. Your timely comment has created a firestorm. I am an 80 year old African-American and I have voiced the same question for over 30 years. I think coaches have an obligation to see that their players are well-versed in English as well as other courses in their curriculum. As a starter, a course in “speech” would be advantageous for some. I also realize that the home environment plays a part in their speech patterns as well as idioms that are favored. These comments are not intended to demean or portray some athletes as being stupid, but to emphasize the importance of, and the difference between, English grammar and effective vernacular that is part of the “mainstream” and English and shibboleths that are common and acceptable in their environment.

    Football and other athletic events are an intricate part of the college program. Academics trumps athletics. High profile athletes represent their university when besieged by the media. Their conduct on and off the playing field should exemplify the mantra that ” A mind is a terrible thing to waste”.

    I applaud your concerns.

    Bruce E. McLeod, Jr.
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  3. Douglas vines

    I am so glad that we had aj what ever these people say about him we would have never made two championships with out aj he is verry talented I wish I could have met him because I rooted for him win or lose I was so sad that we didn’t make three in a row but we would have never had two if it wasn’t for him tell him I will root for him no matter were aj goes I really wished I could tell him good luck in the nfl.

  4. Beach Bum

    What a BEEYOTCH. She enjoyed the limelight when her son won national titles but when he’s not in the championship game she wants to rain on someone else’s parade? What’s up with that? She should’ve shut her trap and allowed Winston to enjoy his moment in the sun – just as Winston’s parents allowed AJ to enjoy HIS moment.

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