12/31/13 (Updated)

AJ Green's girlfriend Miranda Brooke

Question for fantasy nerds like us out there: After Calvin, is AJ Green the first wide receiver off the board? He's gotta be, right? If that's the case, then it's more than time for us to find out about AJ Green's girlfriend Miranda Brooke (and yes, I see you people in Cincinnati screaming he should have been covered years ago,... we're getting to it).

Miranda Brooke is a singer signed to Island Def Jam records who has had moderate success in the hip hop/R&B arena (see one of her videos below). The couple has been together since at least AJ Green's rookie year when he told a Bengals.com writer that Brooke would one day be more famous than him. The couple was photographed together attending the Pro Bowl in his rookie season of 2011-2012. On July 18, 2013, AJ Green took to Twitter with the news that we can now refer to his former girlfriend now as AJ Green's fiance Miranda Brooke.

Couldn't have dreamt of a better woman to spend the rest of my life with!!! @mirandabrooke_ you complete me! Engaged!

Speaking of Twitter, we sleuthed around and noticed that Brooke followed not only AJ Green, but also AJ Green's brother, and AJ Green's barber, which means,... well, you know,.... Wait, what? That doesn't mean anything?

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3 Responses to “AJ Green's girlfriend Miranda Brooke”

  1. Jennine HARBISON

    Dope!!!!!!!!!! Such a pretty girl. I'm a fan keep putting them out like that and you got me as a fan for life.

  2. Natalia

    I wouldn't exactly call her singing career a "moderate" success (perhaps a 'blip' on the hip hop radar is more appropriate), but who knows what's in her future. They've definitely been together before he was drafted, while he was at UGA. I don't remember if she went there or another university (maybe GSU), but they've definitely been together for a while (3 years or more).

  3. lataesha brown

    she is too cute.