Jay Cutler’s Wife Kristin Cavallari Cutler


  1. Mike

    Can’t speak for her, but from my (limited) experience, Cutler is actually a pretty decent guy. I took my nephew to Bears training camp a couple years ago. After practice, there is a holding area for kids to get players autographs. Devin Hester got a ride in the locker room on a golf cart, head down, helmet on to avoid people. Julius Peppers used a separate exit front he practice fields to avoid everyone. Jay Cutler stayed around and signed every autograph requested of him. He spoke to my nephew for a good 10 minutes about football, what position he wants to play, etc. Then the good stuff happened. Next to my nephew were two wheelchair bound kids with moderate to severe physical and developmental issues. Cutler signed autographs for them, gave them his cleats and practice jersey, took pictures, and then went in the locker room to get Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, Matt Forte, etc, to come out and sign and take pictures with these two kids. I thought it was a very cool, touching thing and uttered under my breath “And everyone thinks he’s a total dick” not knowing that the two people standing to my side were the kids’ parents. The mother was in tears and said “That breaks my heart. We’ve been lucky to have some pretty special experiences for my boys. No one has ever been as genuine and generous to my boys as Jay Cutler has been today.”

    I won’t argue that he doesn’t have unflattering moments, but Jay Cutler isn’t a total dick…

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