Steve Smith’s wife Angie Smith


  1. shanester

    WTF? Who would marry this piece of shit? He has the biggest lips I’ve ever seen. Obviously she’s sick with b.r.d.

  2. Jets Fan

    shanester – real easy to be a gangster on the Internet. Steve Smith would knock you on the ground and piss on you if you said it directly to him. He’s one of the best receivers ever, love his attitude and play all these years.

  3. Nita

    Shanester – Learn not to judge people, especially based on their appearance. You get what you are born with and have to make the most of it, no matter who you are. I don’t see that his lips are exceptionally big, and why would that matter anyway? These two are obviously happy and have a beautiful family together. Live and let live.

  4. Cherrie Weaver

    You have a beautiful family and we are so proud that you are in North Carolina. Steve makes you want to watch the game. I know a few people who knows him and says he is the finest man they know. Plus the fact that you are Christian makes us root for you more.

  5. Naureen

    Steve smith is a cool guy and so is angie….!
    They both look stunning and make up a good couple……
    May the live a joyful life together….!

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