Michael Oher’s Wife and Mother


  1. Gloria Alvarado

    I love this movie. I love Michael Oher. I can relate to Michael Oher and his past life. It’s so sad but you can see how GOD takes care of HIS people. LOVE YOU MICHAEL OHER!!!!

  2. Hannah

    I love the movie and I believe it’s touched everyone who has watched and or understands how he felt. I love how every time I watch the movie I cry. It’s inspirational and loved by anyone who hears or has heard of the amazing story of Michael Oher. 🙂

  3. Stephanie holloway

    Hello Micheal i want have united with your brother. Also i want to know have stay on contact with your natural mother. I have share your story, thank for focus your life, you did not turn street or drug. You share your story maybe it would help lot young men off the street.

  4. Stephanie

    Michael Ohr, I am proud of you. Your talent is what God gave you. Keep using it for you, and share your talent with young ladies and young men. Go all the way with God, and He will go all the way with you. Don’t take nothing from anyone. Earn it, save it, buy what you want. God Bless You.

  5. Sandra Cordero

    I would like to Thank everyone who played a part in the movie The Blindside. I also would like to Thank Micheal Oher, Leigh Anne and her family and Miss Sue for sharing their Love, courage and strength with everyone. And I really Love Micheal Oher’s essay. Cause it does take courage and honor at times. Thank You All for sharing The Love of a Family and it doesn’t Matter where you come from, what color, nor who you are. LOVE CONQUERS ALL. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  6. Carole

    I too love this story it is one of my favorite stories. I think Michael should be proud of his accomplishments and thankful to his adoptive families for loving & caring for him.

  7. Desley morris

    Your movie has inspired my 12 year old grandson who plays NRL and he’s good at it he’s aboriginal which means nothing but he just adores u

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