Luke Kuechly’s girlfriend Shannon Reilly


  1. Anonymous

    You are seriously an idiot. You didn’t have to read all those essays but you did. That makes you a million times more embarrassing than a girl who wants to get a career and start her life with a good job. But nice try.

  2. Anonymous Too

    I agree with Anonymous. You’re an idiot. Get a life, an actual one that doesn’t involve stalking innocent girls. She’s just a girl who happens to date Luke Kuechly. She’s not a jersey chaser and she doesn’t deserve to be Google stalked by you or anyone else.

  3. Christian Values

    So what? Sounds like the author is mad because the girlfriend is smart, driven and determined to have a career. I like that she is not following behind some man and is concentrating on her career. Looks like Luke picked a smart girl.

  4. Anonymous also

    Yeah that blog was clearly a school requirement that was written years ago. This bio is so rude and not an accurate representation of the awesome girl that Luke is dating.

  5. Someone u don't

    I agree with everyone e else just bc ur jealous bc ur not as smart as her doesn’t mean u have to be a jerk she just wants to get a career and Luke pick a smart girl

  6. MaLynn

    Your all jerks he didnt mean to make the blog sound rude he just wanted to make a point that she mad too many adjustments to her website and she needs to fix them!!!! So he gets bashed for it? I have a BIG crush on Luke Kuechly and I really wanna meet him and the author might have a crush on her and he wants to see if she is on this site!!! Leave him/her alone!! Or I will run it against higher authority !! On ALL of you except for the author cause he did absoultley NOTHING wrong!

  7. TT.

    A stripper Cam really? Your parents must be so proud. Get some standards man. A woman who dances naked every night in front of men for a few bucks tucked into her G-string and occasionally has sex with some of her customers. That’s a stripper’s life. That’s sleazy, disgusting. Newton doesn’t do much but drag down the QB position.

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