Josh Norman’s girlfriend Nisa Alston


  1. anonymous

    this author is a idiot. is it hard to acknowledge some of these girls are smart and successful without the ballers? after reading the condescending article on Lukes girl now Normans I’d say someone isn’t a panthers fan

  2. Mike Tee

    I can’t believe Cam Newton dating a stripper or ex stripper and had a baby with her. This guy must b really dumb or just blind. Its so many nice woman in NC and in DC and Atlanta and all over fir him to get with a stripper. Myself go to strip clubs throw money, sometimes i take them home and have sex, we all know most strippers will get with any big baller, ask T.I., Ludschris, Big Boi, yung Jezzy,Future, and all the guys with fame, you cant fall in love with woman like strippers. I know Cam Newton dad is a pastor and I know he was very angry about that situation. Im from the Atl. Tee

  3. Pat Craig

    seems like a great young lady, but won’t stop the groupies, that kind of money brings different attention.

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