Josh Norman’s ex-girlfriend Keisha Thomas


  1. GuestStar

    Unbelievable. Trying to use abortion to ‘correct’ a mistake instead of taking precautions ahead of time! Can’t believe how many of these dudes continue to commit the same dumb-@ss mistake over and over again.

  2. Guest

    Don’t think this was EVER his girlfriend just a girl that got knocked up according to Josh’s camp. hence the request to abort.

  3. Guest Star

    If she wasn’t his girlfriend then I’m REALLY dumbfounded at his carelessness! Risking 18 years of compromised earnings for a nut with some random chick? That is cray-cray…

  4. HardworkingMOO

    wow sites like this give these attention, fame seeking, girls who live off child support just what they are looking for ATTENTION!!!

    her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter screams I want attention, for that good job for giving another babymother a platform!!!

  5. Titus Family

    JOSH be of honor to the baby. She’s forever , that ball game will end one day. I met you and The Titus Family don’t operate this way.

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